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Recipes: Infused Cranberry-Lime Vodka

cranberry lime infused vodka

image via fancy napkin

The vodka infusions are finished, and the booze has been delivered! I came across the cranberry and lime infused vodka on Pinterest and thought the deep, dark red of the cranberries paired with the green of the lime rind not only sounded delicious but also looked so festive for the Holidays!  Continue Reading

This Weekend: Start Your Engines





So, I’m really exposing myself here. But I’m trusting you will withhold your judgement. While most of you will be getting glamorous for your Oscar parties this weekend and whipping up some Oscar-related bits and bites, I’ll be indulging my inner redneck. That’s right y’all! It’s time for the Daytona 500!

So yes, I do love the Oscars. And yes, I love the Oscar fashion like any other clothing/celebrity obsessed blogger out there. But this weekend, my heart belongs to NASCAR. I got into the sport in high school, kept up through college (even though at that time, you couldn’t get me to admit I even knew what NASCAR was) and found my way back via my husband, who is a Tony Stewart fan. I know, that probably means nothing to you. How about Danica Patrick? Hot Go Daddy chick? Ringing any bells?

Yeah, it gets kinda boring watching the races at home. But if you get the chance to actually go to a race, it might change your mind a little bit. We’ve been to a handful of races, including the Daytona 500 two years ago. I’ve shotgunned beers with Canadians in Charlotte. I’ve stayed in a tent in a random redneck’s yard in Richmond (I wouldn’t recommend that).   And, I’ve maybe, possibly fallen asleep in the stands during a super warm day in Delaware. I blame that on the beer!

On Sunday, instead of fancy Oscar cocktails and sophisticated appetizers, I’ll be drinking local beer from Corcoran Brewery and eating “Pit Road” Cheese Balls, “Red Flag” BBQ Meatballs and “Restrictor Plate” cookies. Recipes to come soon!

And instead of Oscar fashion, I’ll be obsessing over the ladies of NASCAR – which driver has a new girlfriend, who has the cutest racing outfit and which lady is about to go apeshit when someone wrecks her man. You want drama? The races really do have it all! Happy Weekend!

My Style: Date Night Glam


This weekend was pretty amazing. My mom came in on Friday from PA, and even though we aren’t doing more than running errands (i.e. trips to Home Goods and Trader Joes), it’s so nice having her here. And, she was able to pup-sit on date night! Woo-hoo! Continue Reading

I’m Smitten: Be My Valentine!


Happy Hearts Day! Hopefully you have special, snuggly and romantic plans on this made up Holiday (that I actually happen to love)! Swoon!! My Hubs has a surprise dinner planned for me this weekend, and while I would love tonight to be super special as well, it’s honestly going to be one, big cluster. The real world sometimes gets in the way. Sir Brody has surgery today. We have a holistic vet coming to talk with us about Gabby’s epilepsy this evening, so no romantico dinner at home. I ended up making the ugliest cake ever for my husband last evening. My shoebox of a kitchen can’t handle full-on, multi-step baking projects. I had confectioner sugar and icing EVERYWHERE. If they held a contest for the biggest disaster in a kitchen, I would win every. single. time. 

But, today is all about love in every way, shape and form. Sending you all warm Valentine wishes! And if you decided to give up sugar for Lent like yours truly, well, I wish you the best of luck. While my cake may look like a big ol’ hot mess, I realllly want a bite! Damn you early Easter! 








All images via Pinterest. Need more hugs and kisses in your life today? Find these images and more here!

Fab Finds: Knock Knock Stationery & Office Goods

In need of some serious hilarity at work? Tired of the asshat who doesn’t know how to shut his face or the chick who bitches non stop and wears so much designer impostor perfume your sinuses explode? Look no further; I have your answer! PFFT!!

Knock Knock office supplies are not your average bear. I’ve been a fan of their file folders, clips, sticky notes, you name it, for a few years. My first purchase was a “Wheel of Excuses” notepad/dartboard for my husband where the premise may or may not have been to shoot spit balls at the board, landing on your excuse of the day to use as many times as you could! They no longer have the wheel in stock at Knock Knock, but you can find it here on Amazon. A few of my favorites include “I’m suddenly suffering from intense trauma caused by a troubling childhood incident” and “My tires were slashed”. Ahhhh, office life. 

The file folders are popular with my co-workers, as are my task clips (however my clips may or may not be a taaaad on the vulgar side). And, yes, I proudly display both. Lighten it up! It’s all in good fun. I mean, if you can’t laugh at your soul-sucking, dreary cubicle job a monkey could do, what can you laugh at? 

Oh, and don’t forget to sign up when you visit the website. You’ll get 15% off your first purchase! And, the prices are completely reasonable and most of the time, you can find some of the greatest items on sale. My current favorites in no particular order: Douchebag Alert stickies (currently on sale!), the ever awesome Shit List and even though I don’t have kids, the How To Traumatize Your Children guide book. I would no doubt be laughing until I cried and/or peed my pants. Keepin’ it classy as always. Hugs & Kisses!!