What is Happily Ever After the Wedding about?

After my wedding, I still wanted that “bridal fix” every once and a while, keeping my favorite wedding blogs as part of my morning blog reads. But something was missing. I had my perfect day the exact way I wanted it. While I could take ideas for beautifying my home from the floral arrangements or unique color palates, I needed more about what comes “after the wedding”. I needed to fill this “gap” found in the wedding world. How do you combine two lives? How can I continue to afford my passion for fashion? How do I put a quick and easy meal together? How do I throw a dinner party? Do I change my last name? How do I become this fabulous, domestic goddess while still remaining my kick-ass independent self? These were my questions when I woke up the day after as Mrs. Jennifer Specketer. (I’m still in disbelief I went from one nine-letter last name (Marciante) to another – is that possible?!)

I first started writing Happily Ever After the Wedding as a fashion and beauty blog, but my readers (or rather my first-time visitors) were confused. They were coming here for how to live “Happily Ever After the Wedding”. And from that wonderful feedback, this new blog was born! You’ll still find fashion and beauty tidbits here and there. We all need a glamorous date night, right?

Can you really still have the bridal blues three years later?

You betcha! I know I’m not the only wedding-obsessed individual out there still ooohing and awwwing over pretty dresses and DIY wedding details. Happily Ever After the Wedding will also give you that wedding fix you need! Still being wedding-obsessed myself, the blog will continue to feature wedding inspiration through real wedding features and bridal beauty… with a twist.  Anything featured will have some element you can incorporate into your life! A fantastic DIY, a sexy, smoky eye, a great idea for home décor – there’s inspiration everywhere, and weddings provide the best of the best!

I’m still wedding obsessed myself. Can I tell you my story?

Yes! Yes! Yes! If you still love telling your engagement, wedding, first kiss, over the top, lovey-dovey stories, tell me! I love hearing them! And if you’re ok with it, I’ll tell everyone else! You’ll find a place to submit your story and upload photos to accompany that story on the blog menu entitled “Submit Your Story”.  I’ll give you a heads up when the story will be featured and post the story in your words.
No editing here… unless your story gets a bit steamy like the romance novels I would steal from my mom at a very young age and read in secret spots around the house. (Ummm…you know, you can still send them to me. I might just keep those lines for myself!)

What’s your story?

I will tell you, my wedding day was amazing. My day job doesn’t allow for much creativity, but planning and creating my wedding brought back those creative juices I had suppressed for a long time. And now, I can’t keep those floodgates closed! My wedding brought out a love in me of everything and all things bridal!

So, on the most perfect fall evening in October, I married the love of my life. We stood on beautiful vineyard grounds in Virginia surrounded by an intimate group of friends and family and pledged our love to one another.  We made the day uniquely ours – we blended wines to symbolize the families coming together, we had a friend sing the loveliest Dixie Chicks song – “Lullaby”, we had personal, DIY details that described our relationship in the most perfect way. And we had one incredible dance party! I made sure to pause and capture precious moments throughout the day, taking mental pictures, in order to relive the magical moments anytime I want. What can I say, I’m one big sucker when it comes to romance! If you are too, well, I’m in good company!

How can I contact you?

You can reach me at jenn (at) happilyeverafterthewedding (dot) com. You can also find me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


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