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Monday Musings: Sweat off the Stress




Happy Monday all! Hopefully you had a stress-free weekend. I didn’t, but it’s OK. It’s getting to be that time of year when stress and anxiety start to creep out of nowhere. Typically I’m pretty decent at managing it, but this year the Holidays are coming faster than I ever remember. For once work is so busy that I barely have time to think about anything else. And each day I look at the calendar, I start to get that inner panic. Running. Out. Of. Time. It doesn’t help when the ol’ Facebook feed was filled with friends getting ready for Christmas this past weekend, and the holly jolly commercials began on TV. Can’t we just enjoy November? It’s really pretty outside still, and we’re getting a Polar Vortex later this week! All happy things for us to enjoy! No? You don’t like winter? Too bad, it’s coming!

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “Running, it’s cheaper than therapy”. I’ve never been a great runner, but I’ve always wanted to be one. I gaze longingly at those up and running before the sun rises, wishing I could have that kind of motivation. I’ve even tried picking myself up some cute running clothes, thinking my love of clothing would be that extra push I needed to get me out of the door or onto the treadmill. Turns out work out clothes make great sitting around on the couch, snuggling the pups and drinking wine clothes. True story.

The truth is running has always been so damn hard and challenging for me that I normally quit before I even give myself a chance to improve.  And while I can complain all day about how heavy my legs feel, how my endurance is for shit, how my feet get way too hot, the real answer is…it’s 100% mental for me. But when I do it. When I actually move the pups off of my lap, put down the glass of wine and get on the treadmill, it feels amazing. Not while I’m running. Running never feels good to me while I’m doing it. Let’s not kid ourselves here. It’s the after effects that bring me the most joy through the pain. And the combination of the perfect playlist and running, well….those mood lifting hormones start dancing and releasing all over the damn place. It’s the extra kick I need to mentally get through whatever it is that’s on my mind and bringing me anxiety. It’s pretty amazing how my mood can change just like that. My husband calls it the “bitch-reversal” effect. How I hate when he’s right.

So just for you this morning, as we start to roll closer to the Holidays and your stress levels start to rise –  a few links to get you through the morning and my most favorite playlist at the moment to get your ass in gear. I even took most of the hard rock and metal off just for you.  I did say “most”.  You all could use a little Volbeat in your life this time of year.  You could use some Slipknot too, but we’ll take things slow….see how you like it.

I Feel Prettiest When I Sweat: Carbon 38 carries some of the sickest work wear you ever did see. Think leopard print leggings, lots of mesh and sports bras that are way too pretty (and a tad bondagey) to be under wraps. Me likey.

You Need Some Cave Time: We hear a lot that self-care is the way to go when we’re stressed – but isn’t self-care just another to do list? Sometimes doing nothing at all is the answer.

It’s Wine O’ Clock: Great news red wine drinkers! A glass of wine is equivalent to an hour of exercise! Sorry white wine drinkers. You still need to move that ass. Or put on your big girl/boy pants and drink red.


Get Fit: Beat the Holiday Pudge


I wrote a post like this last year, mostly for my own personal motivation as my blog readership was pretty tiny. And I have to say, it helped put me in the right frame of mind for making sure I did “something” over the Holidays to get moving. It was a bit difficult as last year the hubby and I were in South Dakota. This left me without my basement gym and forced me to improvise and be creative, like lugging hand weights and Jillian Michaels across 9 states!  It’s not all that fun to bundle up and try to run in negative degree weather, trust me. Continue Reading

Get Healty: Fall’s Superfoods


Every year as summer rolls into fall, I have this voice in the back of my head reminding me to keep eating well. With the most indulgent Holidays around the corner, it can be tough to listen. Continue Reading

Get Fit: One Step at a Time

Link to the above workout

So, how’s it going? Did you have big workout plans for the New Year? Did you overcommit yourself only to, three weeks later, call it quits? Yeah I won’t lie. I did. Continue Reading

Get Motivated: Exercise & The Holidays


It’s tough, right? Fitting in time to exercise during the Holidays? You promise yourself you’ll make the extra effort. You’re on vacation after all! You have plenty of time to get up, get sweaty and burn extra calories for those decadent oreo truffle balls. But, you don’t. You get lazy. It’s almost the New Year, you say. “I’ll start back the first of January!!” Cue the “wahhmp wahhmp wahhmp” sound from the Muppets.

I don’t know how many times I’ve packed my running gear, hand weights and workout DVDs only to have them sit all Christmas vacation long. This vacation, though, there are no excuses. The main road outside the farm in South Dakota allows for an easy run. There’s plenty of space for working out inside the house. Really, I’ve got nothing but time on this trip to take care of my mind and body in some way or another. And as a bonus, there’s a hot tub to soothe sore muscles. If I can do it, you can do it! Even if there is the comfiest couch in the basement for napping. Even if the basement is the absolute perfect temperature for said nap. Even if the furbabies have snuggled in hard on said couch for said nap. Must. Work. Out. Wish me luck!