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Neo-Nautical Spring Style with Old Navy

old-navy-style-neo-nautical-2017As I write this post, the first day of Spring is showcasing chilly temps with remnants of Winter Storm Stella finally melting away. I’m sorry Mother Nature, was our enjoyment of an early spring ruffling your feathers? You had to send an icy chill to freeze over everything blooming early? The nerve! Any other time I’d be thrilled for winter weather. I live for it. But after getting used to 60 and 70 degree days, long pup walks outside and being able to crash on the deck in sunshine after work, there is no love for winter weather left in this heart of mine. And sadly as you can see, it looks more like fall than spring outside in Virginia right now. Thank goodness for spring style to help us forget this week brings us even more freezing temps!

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Minimalism is the New Black


I have something pretty shocking to share with you all. You might not even believe me when I say it, but I promise you, it’s true. Up until the need to replace a summer dress that completely fell apart (I’ve been wearing this baby like, three times a week), I had not purchased an item of clothing since January! Continue Reading

Shirt Dressing


Hi there friends! Have you missed me? I’ve missed you!! Life has been somewhat…interesting over the past month. Yes, I did say a month. Oy. I was going to start this post off by complaining about what’s being going on, but really, who wants to hear that on a Tuesday morning. Just know where I’ve always believed everything happens for a reason, the past few months have cemented that mantra into my very being. Continue Reading

Shopbop Friends & Family Sale


It’s that time of year again! The Shopbop Friends and Family Sale! You can save 25% off your total order with code SPRING25! There are some brand exclusions, so make sure you read that fine print. But if you’re looking to stock up on summer sandals and maxi dresses, this is your sale! Since I won’t be picking up anything, sadly, you must shop for me! My absolute favorites? The Madewell Ikat sandals and the long sleeved Charlie Jade maxi. Can’t you just see the beautiful maxi blowing in the Spring breeze? I love it! Continue Reading

“It’s Not The Years, Honey. It’s The Mileage.”


I’ve gotta tell ya, my original post was going to go a little something like this. Step 1: Get out of the house and head to VA Wine Country. Step 2: Realize after a little wine tasting buzz, while looking in the bathroom mirror, you sorta resemble a certain title character from the Indiana Jones franchise. Step 3: Make silly comparisons about your outfit components to Indy’s wardrobe choices. Step 4: End scene. Continue Reading