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Monday Musings: Open for Boozeness


Happy Monday! Hopefully you stayed cool over the weekend, as it was a scorcher here in Virginia. I put the finishing touches on our “boozy” bar cart, turning a potting bench from World Market into the must have (in my mind) summer item. You can see more over on Bites, Barrels and Brews, the blog I write with my husband Cody, today!  Truth be told, it’s where I’ve been spending most of my time. But I miss you guys so, you’ve got me for today! Continue Reading

Monday Musings: Against the Current

jenn-inspired-against-the current

Growing up in Pennsylvania, my family had an above ground pool in the backyard. It took some begging and pleading to get (I think I was in Jr. High by the time it was installed), but once we had it, it paid for itself over and over again in terms of use. From late May to mid September, my sister and I turned into mermaids. You practically had to drag us out of that pool. We’d jump in first thing in the morning, come out for lunch (dripping all over the house to my mom’s dismay) and head right back into the pool until evening. Continue Reading

Monday Musings: Return on Investment


Good morning, and happy Monday! Hopefully everyone enjoyed their Mother’s Day. I snuggled the furbabies for most of the day after being treated to Doggy Mother’s Day Brunch, which has become a yearly tradition. Human children, fur children, no children – in my mind Mother’s Day is for all of the strong women in our lives, women that have touched our souls in one way or another. Bad ass mama jamas. The weekend and snuggles, as usual, went way too fast. Continue Reading

Monday Musings: Getting Back to Good


Happy Monday everyone. I’ve missed you! How have you been? I’m glad to finally have some energy to write!  Illnesses of every kind swept over the Specketer household these past two weeks. Continue Reading

Is Anyone Having Any Fun?


I came across this interview on Elle this morning, becoming intrigued not because of the title but because of the subject – Marisa Berenson. If you’re not familiar, Ms. Berenson is a style icon, was a supermodel in the 60s and 70s and was dubbed by YSL the “girl of the seventies”. She truly defined this era, an era that you will soon begin to see (if you aren’t already) making a huge splash this year when it comes to fashion. But there’s more to her interview than discussing the glamorous life she’s led and her own personal style. And I want to talk about it. Continue Reading