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Rodial Skincare

rodial-skincare-jenn-inspired (1 of 1)Happy Friday! The sun is finally shining, which is a welcomed change from all of the rain we’ve had this week. And even though my allergies are kicking my ass (they’ve never been this bad – it has to be my lowered immune system due to pregnancy), I’m so ready for the weekend! We’re doing a little baby shopping on Saturday and then hitting up Baltimore for brunch on Sunday with my bestie. She’s due with her second baby in two weeks!

My second trimester has brought with it some interesting “stuff”, but one of the worst has to be my off and on dry skin and random acne here and there. Whoever said glowing and immaculate skin was a perk of pregnancy must have been one lucky bitch. I have yet to experience it. So I was thrilled when Collectively reached out with an opportunity to collaborate with Rodial, a high performance skincare line based out of the UK. Founded by Maria Hatzistefanis in 1999, her line is quite expansive, addressing a wide range of skincare issues. It also has a huge celebrity following and can be found worldwide, to include here in the US!

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The Skinny: Adult Acne

jenn-inspired-adult-acneI’ve been dealing with something pretty awful lately, and I’ve decided to talk about it because I don’t think very many people are talking about it. And I promise you, it’s not my inability to pluck my eyebrows, even though as you can clearly tell, I am not very skilled with the tweezers (yeah, I’m not purposely trying to give you the Rock’s sexy eyebrow raise.) I’m talking about Adult acne. Continue Reading

Beauty Finds: The Truth About Oils




It’s getting to be that time of year when your skin goes cray-cray.  Seasonal transitions are never kind on your skin, especially as we move from fall into winter.  I normally always suffer a bit during this transition, but for some reason this year my skin is a raging B. I’m dealing with extra dry and itchy skin, and let’s not even talk about the breakouts. Adult acne is no joke friends. So I’ve abandoned my normal winter skin care routine for the wild side – oils. I know, while it might sound counter-intuitive to most, oils can do wonders for your skin. I’m finally feeling some relief, and the breakouts have subsided.

So how do oils leave you with clean, glowing skin? Won’t oils make your skin (especially your face) greasy and cause more breakouts? Rest assured, those are the same questions I had before giving it a try. I was desperate, especially from a cleansing standpoint. Everything I used to wash away the day’s dirt, grime and makeup left my face feeling dry and tight almost immediately. Not a great feeling. With the cleansing oil, there’s nothing in it to strip away your skin’s natural oil. There are no harsh chemicals. When this natural oil is stripped away, your skin goes into overdrive to create more. This is what causes your breakouts, your blackheads, your dull, lifeless skin. The cleansing oil replenishes your skin with good, healthy oils while stripping away the grime.

I started using body oils this season mostly out of pure laziness. I can leave the oil in the shower and apply immediately after. Maybe you do this with regular lotion too, and I’m just way behind the curve. But in doing this, I’m locking in moisture immediately. It’s been a world of difference for my skin. It’s staying soft much longer and is less itchy. Not to mention, I feel body oils are so luxurious and indulging. With both the facial and body oils, it’s taken a bit of time for my skin to adjust. So if you try it and don’t see results right away, don’t give up! Glowing, radiant skin is right around the corner!

Full disclosure on the featured products – I’ve tried most of them but not all. The others I’ve included have gotten rave reviews from either co-workers, friends and/or other beauty bloggers. Like anything, it’s trial and error. Your skin may respond better to one oil over another, so do your own research and give it a try! If you’re already an oil fan, what are your go-to products? This self-admitted beauty junkie would love to know!

Amore Pacific Treatment Cleansing OilLaura Mercier Purifying Cleansing Oil/SK-II Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil

Caudalie Vinosource Overnight Recovery Oil /Marula Pure Facial Oil /Boscia Tsubaki Beauty Oil 

L’Occitane Almond Firming And Softening Supple Skin Oil /Caudalie Divine Oil /Tata Harper Revitalizing Body Oil 

Beauty Finds: Sephora VIB


Are you ready Sephora VIBs? Tomorrow kicks off one of the most wonderful times of the year, the Sephora 20% off sale! I’ve been counting down the days, stuffing my shopping cart full and patiently waiting for the news. This is the time to pick up that pretty eyeshadow palette for your bestie, that fragrance for your mom and of course, something new and exciting for yourself!

As the weather turns colder, there’s no avoiding the dry air and the havoc it reeks on your skin. I use this sale to pick up my more indulgent facial creams and body care products; my skin welcomes the extra moisture in the winter. And, I can never resist picking up something fun and new to try. While I’ve got my eye on this Bite Beauty set, it might be pushing the budget a bit (considering everything else sitting in the ol’ cart right now). I love Bite Beauty lipsticks and lip crayons. They are highly pigmented (the color stays much longer than most lipsticks I’ve used) and they’re infused with food-grade ingredients. If you don’t believe me, Elle over at Wonderfelle World has some great reviews on both the lipsticks and the crayons.

It’s also a great time to invest in a new fall fragrance. It’s rare perfumes and colognes go on sale, so grab that scent you’ve been lusting over.  I’ve had my eye on this Hermes scent for a very long time. It’s woodsy, with orange-spice notes. Perfect for the fall.

You can shop more of my favorites and the items from this post directly below! So VIBs, what’s on your list?

The Hunt for the Perfect Blonde


the-perfect-blonde-jenn-inspiredHello I’m Jenn, and I’m obsessed with blondes. I’m an addict, a junkie, a fanatic. And lately, I can’t be blonde enough. This love affair with the fair-haired started at a very early age. Barbie, Madison from Splash, Madonna and Keri Russell aka Chloe from Malibu Shores (before her Felicity days). All some of my very favorite blonde idols. Don’t worry brunettes and reds, there’s a special place in my heart for you too. I even tried out the red hot, redhead locks for a while. But for me, it always comes back to being blonde.

I’ve been every shade under the sun since the late 90’s – strawberry, golden, platinum, yellow, orangey (not by choice), surfer chick, dirty. You name it. And my hair was the perfect shade of blonde on my wedding day, which I guess if you can have the perfect blonde on any one day of your life, your wedding day is the best day you could ask for. It was mesmerizing perfection, and I miss it so. #firstworldhairproblems

I’m going through the process now of returning to those lovely, platinum locks and it’s been nothing but one failed dye job after another of the brassy door knob variety rather than bleachy blonde beautiful. My ass is getting tired of salon chair hopping, and I’m sure each stylist is getting tired of seeing the disappointed look on my face once the last lock is dried. Truth – you don’t even need to read my face to know what I’m feeling. It radiates off of me, off of every inch. I make a horrible poker player.

It’s a long and arduous process, this never ending search for the perfect blonde. Blondies, do you feel me? It shouldn’t be this difficult, am I right?