1. of extraordinary quality, as if arising from some external creative impulse.


Lives outside of Washington, DC in Virginia. Born and bred in Southwestern Pennsylvania (Go Steelers!). Self-proclaimed IT Geek-Gone-Girly. Lover of puppy paws, live music and French wine. Lives for afternoon dog walks, Saturday night snuggles and big, cozy sweaters. Prefers country life to city ratracing, Liam Neeson to Steven Segal and the sidelines to the spotlight. Beginner Yogi with a desire for inner peace and truth. Wears heels at the most inopportune times.


Formerly known as Happily Ever After the Wedding, I started blogging as a way to express my life, in a creative way, in my own voice. After day in and day out of faking it left-brain style, my right-brain was begging for an expressive outlet. Hence, this blog was born. You can call it a lifestyle diary. I prefer my ever evolving blueprint.

To me, inspiration is this invisible force or energy that enables someone to do whatever work is required to create. It’s when ordinary people do extraordinary things that speak to your heart. Inspiration is about being authentic and living your “brand”, owning your truth. I hope to always provide that to you through my posts, with your glimpse into my perfectly, imperfect life. Welcome style soul mates. I’m so glad you’re here!


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Get in touch at jspecketer@jenninspired.com.

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