Channeling Chrissy Teigan

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Pregnancy. It’s been interesting. Today I hit the 7 month mark (woo-hoo! 3 months to go!), and I still look like I’m a champion beer chugger who embarrassed the most seasoned beer drinker at Oktoberfest. For weeks now, maybe months, everyone has been saying “You’ll pop soon!” I’m not so sure about that anymore. And while it would be nice to look a little more pregnant than a gross fatty, I’m pretty much over it. It’s more disbelief now because I can’t understand how the hell all 14 inches of this kid is fitting in there! She’s also off and on super active, and I swear if she comes out on the shorter side, she’s going to be a gymnast. She’s already a gold medal tumbler in my stomach!

One plus of the smaller bump-gut is being able to wear most all of my normal clothes still. I’m not trying to rub it in; it just is what it is. I did have to invest in some new brassieres which will be an entirely separate post. There’s not a lot out there about managing the ever increasing chest size. It’s one of the few things about pregnancy I didn’t realize would happen so quickly! Let’s just say when someone brings you, a small B, a bra with two D’s on the tag, it’s almost paralyzing. I mean I knew they were bigger but seriously? Bazinga!

When I found out I was pregnant, I immediately started the good ol’ Pinterest Pregnancy Style board in secret. I’ve always been a fan of layers, specifically the kimono, trench coat-like, outer, flowy layer. Coming across photos of Ms. Chrissy Teigan decked out in trench coat after kimono after long cardigan filled in my board quickly – this was totally going to be my pregnancy style. Something more fitted underneath with this billowy, top layer – perfection in my mind. It’s elegant, hides any awkward weight gain in the arms and hips and just makes me feel more comfortable in my ever changing skin. It also allows me to mix up my wardrobe without spending a ton of money. My favorite kimonos come from Forever 21 as well as my more flowy-styled cardigans. They have so many different styles to choose from at less than 20 bucks an item. And for me, they wear very well if I take care to wash them on delicate. It’s my pregnancy uniform, so to speak, that makes getting dressed so ever loving easy. I’m thinking of adopting this flowing, outer-layer plus something underneath formula for life.

The flowy trench in this post isn’t from Forever 21, but they have a few similar offerings at the moment. I picked up this Line & Dot pink beauty from Shopbop’s sale in March, and the only thing I really dislike about it is that it always looks wrinkled. I spent a good 20 minutes steaming this puppy out the morning before. Total waste of my time! I also picked up this LNA fitted dress from the sale too. I love LNA. The clothing is basic and simple with the slightest edge – an open shoulder, a criss-crossed neckline, a strap where you wouldn’t expect it. It’s sexy and statement making without trying too hard or giving your outfit a total hooker on the street corner vibe. Sexy is understated, ladies. I’m looking at you chick in Costco in the daisy dukes paired with your thigh-high, 4-inch suede boots.

The blonde cutie in the this post (ha no, definitely not me) is my friend Betsy’s daughter. I’ve recently gotten a crash course in toddler life from spending time with her and A. And with her just having her second, I’ll soon be getting myself immersed in life with a newborn. Panic-mode activated? Oh, you betcha! Chrissy, I’m going to need more than your wardrobe come September! Can I have a good dose of your wacky sense of humor too, please with a double scoop of your I don’t give a damn what people think about me, I’m doing the best I can as a mother way of life?!

I’ve linked to a few of my favorite pink pretties below that will go with everything you own and a few super sexy LNA dresses since these styles are sold out. And you can find some of my favorite Chrissy Teigen style moments here, both pregnant and not! Because I guess I’m a teensy obsessed. Do you blame me?

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When your friend’s daughter (who has the most perfect shade of blonde hair) wants to hold your hand. Heart. Is. Melting.

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