Greenhouse Charm with Old Navy

old-navy-greenhouse-charm (1 of 1)-5_psI’m a little late participating in Old Navy’s Greenhouse Charm campaign, but I didn’t see how I could try to tell you how amazing this maternity maxi dress was without a peep about the fact that I’m pregnant! Not that I think it would be weird at all to see someone without a pregnant belly buying a maternity garment. I’ve had a tank from H&M’s maternity line for years that I purchased because of its tunic-like fit. It’s one of my favorite and most worn items in my closet!

Greenhouse Charm at Old Navy is all about taking the best parts of Spring – vibrant florals starting to bloom, days filled with more hours of sunshine and removing those bulky winter layers to reveal bare shoulders, flowing fabrics and shorter hemlines. And this Spring, Old Navy is all about what’s trending right now. You’ll find the cutest off-the-shoulder floral tops, their mid-rise Pixie Ankle Pant in bold prints, and long, flowing maxi-dresses. The maxi-dress I’m wearing in today’s post isn’t your typical maternity maxi dress. There’s no side ruching which screams pregnancy garment. There’s no extra belly panel fabric to accommodate and show off your growing bump. This dress fits more like your regular maxi dress, and I’m 100% positive I’ll be able to wear it well after pregnancy without anyone giving it a second look.

The material is quite substantial and thick, but don’t think heavy or hot. The fabric is very high quality which is a huge perk as I can see the dress bouncing back from being stretched out later on during my pregnancy. It hides any lumps and bumps and ties around the waist, giving you a lovely waistline which is very important to me as I begin to grow a basketball. I want to hold onto my waist as long as I can!  I also picked up this same dress in a beautiful olive green shade, and I just ordered it in gray as Old Navy released it in another color! I’m all about finding something I love and having multiples of it. And at 36 bucks regular price (which means you’ll definitely be able to order it cheaper using one of the many Old Navy coupons available), can you blame me?

old-navy-greenhouse-charm (1 of 1)-2_ps

old-navy-greenhouse-charm (1 of 1)-10_psI’m also a huge fan of scarves as I love the multiple ways you can wear them. The vibrant florals really stand out on this scarf’s black background, and it’s the perfect length to do double duty as a wrap. Early on as my little pot belly started to develop (this one’s quite the low rider), I was a bit self conscious looking more pudgy than pregnant. The Gremlin is still riding low, so most days I appear to have just kicked butt in a beer chugging contest. I’m looking forward to having an actual pregnant belly down the line. I’m also reminded that at some point, I will take back this desire when I’m waddling down the hallway and unable to see my feet!

The chunky heeled sandals are also an Old Navy purchase as I know wearing heels (and my current shoe size for that matter) will go the way of the dodo. I figured having a more substantial heel to stand on will help alleviate pain and pressure, and I’m quite surprised at how comfortable these sandals are after wearing them all day. I’ve never been one for a chunky-heeled shoe unless we’re talking clogs, but I’ve already gotten a lot of wear out of these with both jeans and dresses alike. You can shop the items I’m wearing in this post as well as some other non-maternity maxi-dresses from Old Navy below. I also tossed in a few other floral scarf options since there are so many beautiful ones choose from available online!

old-navy-greenhouse-charm (1 of 1)-9_ps

old-navy-greenhouse-charm (1 of 1)-13_ps

This post is in collaboration with OldNavy. I did receive compensation in exchange for creating this content, but all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Jenn Inspired ongoing! Thank you Old Navy for the collaboration!

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