An Announcement!


I’ve been waiting to share the news (18-19 weeks in fact) that yes, that is a little Gremlin growing in mah belly! We lovingly refer to the baby now as little “Gremlin” since at the very beginning my husband was pretty positive the mood swings I had were extremely Gremlin like. It just took a little bit of water or food after midnight and BAM! All out rager. Luckily for all of us, that period of time didn’t last too long. We’re super excited because in all honesty, we didn’t know if this would ever happen. We didn’t know if we wanted this to happen. Having three dogs for 10 years with one serious health issue after another took us to the brink of exhaustion multiple times where having a child, in our minds, just didn’t fit with middle of the night runs to ER vets and all day long events at the neurologist. Those things may (and most likely will) still happen, but we’re older and wiser now about managing it all. And we’re in such a good place, the two of us, that I think this happened at the perfect time in our lives. I feel more than ready to take on this new and exciting role in my life. The pregnancy news was a total surprise but definitely a welcomed blessing!

Right now I’m dealing with the body changes, and as someone who has had body issues her whole entire life, it’s quite the journey. I’ve had to separate the two in my head and work through a lot of childhood demons to finally be in a place where I can accept (but not have to like) the way my body needs to grow and change to create new life. I mean, these boobs! What are you supposed to do with them?! I take back any larger boob envy I’ve ever had. And of course there’s an entire wardrobe component to these body changes. Right now I’ve only picked up a few maternity items like Paige denim jeans (Amazing! Why don’t all jeans have elastic discretely built in!) and a few maxi dresses from Old Navy’s Maternity line that do not look like maternity clothing at all. I also grabbed one of those belly bands this weekend at Target so I can keep wearing my other jeans. This invention is pure genius!

Since a few of you who know (and surprisingly still even read this thing…God love you) have asked a few questions, I thought I’d share a little peek into my journey with you. It’s been pretty uneventful thus far, and I’m very grateful for that!

How far are you?
I hit 19 weeks this week so almost half way there! It’s going so fast…

Due Date?
September 19. Which means this little one will most likely be a Virgo. Which means perfectionist city. Which means three perfectionists in the family. Good Lord, help us all! My dad’s happy though since his birthday is only a few days past my due date! September birthdays are apparently the best, or so I’ve heard. I still think July rules.

How are you feeling?
Most days I don’t even feel pregnant. For the past 10 weeks or so, I’ve woken in the morning with a mostly flat stomach and have a big ol’ food baby by the end of the evening with all of the bloating. I don’t think I’m going to end up one of those adorable women with just a big baby belly. This one is growing everywhere but there! On a daily basis, I’m mostly tired. Exhausted actually. And when I do start to forget I’m pregnant, I’ll be reminded just walking from one room to the next. Pregnancy breathing, or the inability to do so, is real! But other than that, I feel like myself most days. I’m staying consistent with my workout routine, and I’m trying not to use being pregnant as an excuse to throw in the towel and sit with a tub of ice cream watching bad reality TV on repeat. Even though that sounds like heaven! (And may have indeed already happened a time or two!)

What are you having?!
Close friends and family already know the gender of the Gremlin. We did a little gender reveal video and sent to friends and family who weren’t able to be here with us.

We have our top contender for a name right now, and we both agree. I think the plan is to sit on it a little while and make sure it’s perfect. It’s a little different but is beautiful and has meaning behind it, so we’ll see what we decide!

What are you eating?
I’m eating normal right now. After some of the first trimester food aversions passed (I’ve really never craved anything but super cold drinks), I was able to settle back into my usual eating routine. I’ll add a glass of milk in the morning for breakfast, something I really haven’t drank on the regular in a few years. And I allow myself to have a healthy portion of carbs at dinner time which I typically passed on in the evenings. Other than that, it’s business as usual. I’m not really starving or feeling the need to “eat for two”. Since I had my first experience with what I believe were Braxton Hix contractions this past weekend, I’ve upped my water consumption to ensure I’m constantly hydrated. I was already drinking at least 80-90 ounces a day, so I can’t wait to start peeing and additional 98409809328409 times at night!

How much weight have you gained?
Let’s just say even with my normal eating habits and adding in a few extra calories here and there, I’m still gaining weight. I don’t love it or really understand it. But as I’ve been told your body will gain what you need. Being tall, I can carry the extra weight well. Except for that gross extra back fat that’s developing. Doesn’t my body understand I’m already good on those extra “motherly stores” for later?!

Do you think the pups already know?
I’m 100% positive the ladies knew before I did. You know how sometimes you’ll ask your pets if you’re dying or if you have cancer when they are immediately up your butt and unable to leave you alone out of the blue? Yeah, that’s what I thought in early January. They would both sit on top of me, fighting to get close enough to me, all evening long. I was basically being smothered! But after finding out the news, it all made sense. Our oldest also had a run of accidents in the house overnight a few times right after that time as well. After making sure all was good medically, we attributed it to me being pregnant. Brody, just like a man, most likely has no clue. Just give him his ball and he’s happy!

Any observations thus far on being pregnant?
One of the biggest and to me, the saddest, is all of the mom hate I’ve come across in the past few months. I will say one of the few things I’ve always dreaded about having a child was the judgement that comes with it from other parents. However, I didn’t realize being pregnant brings out those same haters. You mention you had some coffee from Starbucks as a treat, and you practically get your face ripped off! You say you ate feta cheese until your heart’s content while in Greece for work, and you may as well just lock yourself up in mom jail forever and ever! WTF ladies?! I barely have time to do all of the things I want to now without a child. How do you find the time with children to spew your hate all over the place?! Mind. Boggling.

So there you have it! A little update on everything going on right now. I told ya, pretty boring. But I’ll take boring for another 20-some months easily. Oh and if you know of any killer maternity clothes that aren’t an arm and a leg (Hatch, I’m looking at you. You’re so lovely but so spendy!), I’m all ears!



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