Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Finds


The Nordstrom Anniversary sale sadly ended yesterday. Whether you love it or hate it (a lot of people get sick of seeing the sale hawked from every which way), I took full advantage of the sale and scored some covet worthy items at great price points. I ordered a lot of stuff; it was raining boxes on our front porch, and I owe the UPS man big time! I only kept those items that I truly loved, and today’s post is all about why I kept what I did (and what went back immediately!) Kudos to Nordstrom for dealing with the endless returns!

First up, this beautiful bralet from Honeydew Intimates was an immediate keeper. It’s just so pretty with its lacy, feminine touches. It also fits like a dream, and I love how the racer back works with a lot of my summer tanks. I will say it is definitely made for the smaller chested gals. The only downside I can find? The material is a little bit scratchy to wear all day long. I do think it will look gorgeous peeking out of blouses and underneath anything sheer come fall.

I’d been lusting over cat eye sunnies for a while now, and when these Tom Ford beauties were listed at well over 100 dollars off, I couldn’t pass them up. Here’s what I’ve realized since owning them – I’m wearing unbelievably expensive plastic on my face. I honestly don’t know how I feel about this. The most expensive sunglasses I owned before these were Ray-Bans, and I thought they were pretty spendy. I get the appeal of designer sunglasses, but I don’t know that I’ll ever purchase another pair. I didn’t have the heart to return them because they are the perfect cat eye. Chalk this one up to ridiculous. The pair I picked up is sold out, but these Tom Ford sunglasses at Bluefly are very similar. I also love this pair from Isaac Mizrahi at a very reasonable price point.

I don’t own a lot of MAC make-up. I resist the urge to go near any MAC store or counter, mostly because I’m sure a downward spiral of purchasing would begin. But this palette had me hooked, with some of the prettiest neutral colors around. The two lips shades are also gorgeous on, and I think as a whole the palette works with pretty much all skin tones and eye colors. It’s also small enough to toss in my purse for touch-ups throughout the day. This other one is also gorgeous with the purples. Green-eyed ladies rejoice!


As I rip my closet to shreds, dumping pretty much everything I’ve ever bought before 2010, my new closet color palette looks like this – neutrals, blush tones, blues and greens. I had someone tell me a few months ago that I should only wear green, specifically shades of olive. Ever since, I’ve been on the hunt for everything and anything in that color. It’s not that easy to find, so I couldn’t pass up this silk, Equipment blouse. I picked up the large so it would flow and be a bit longer. It rings in at that perfect, cover up the largest part of the thigh length that I love. It’s also a dream to have on my body. Silk may be a bit more expensive, but the construction of this blouse is unlike any other blouse I’ve owned. My chest rivals that of a teenager some days, and I still have button popping problems on most blouses. (Large-chested ladies, what do you do?) Spending more for something that fits vs. wearing something that needs safety-pinned, velcroed, sewed shut is worth it.

I wasn’t planning on picking up this Longchamp leather tote, but after traveling to California two weekends ago for a girl’s trip, it was determined I was in need of something for easier travel. I’ve always heard great things about their nylon tote bags, but the thought of soft, buttery leather was too good to pass up. Part of the appeal of the bags is that you can fold them up for ease of storage. Maybe with the nylon bags this works well, but I’m still working out the wrinkles on the leather tote. The bag is extremely durable and can hold a lot more than you’d think. Take it from this bag lady, leather or not it’s pretty much the perfect bag. The leather tote is sold out, but the nylon version comes in a variety of styles and colors.


After finding out last year I’d been wearing the wrong bra size my whole entire life, replacing my collection became a daunting task. Bras are expensive, which is no surprise. But when your entire drawer hasn’t been doing you any favors for a very long time, being able to afford to replace everything isn’t happening over night. I figured out I had been buying bras to fit my back, not my chest. With bras that fit the back, I never had to worry about that dreaded bra back fat that even the most in shape of us battles with on the daily. But wearing the right size now meant the band was tight enough to both provide support AND induce the back rolls. I decided to purchase one of these Spanx Hallelujah bras on a whim. I mean, the bras didn’t look too exciting. I was really in the market for some eye catching, lacy details. But when I tried the bra on, it really was a “Hallelujah” moment! Two more were ordered pronto! Even though the recommendation is to go one band size down and one cup size up, I stuck to my normal size.


The back of this bra is amazing! Yes the straps are a little thick, and word of warning, they are not adjustable. But the material is so soft, and I love the front closure. The best part? No back fat! None! There’s no pinching. There’s no binding pain. There’s just support and lovely softness, which is exactly what I want in a bra.


One must-have item had eluded my closet for years. Years! I mentioned the leather jacket here in my ode to Topanga, and it wasn’t until the Anniversary sale that I finally found my carbon copy. There really is no great photo of her in this jacket, but I remember loving it and talking about it constantly. This coat version by Truth & Pride is beautiful, and I cannot wait until the temps dip, and I can pay homage to my girl crush of the 90s. It has this 70s vibe that makes me giddy. You’ll get sick of seeing it, I promise! I went with the medium instead of the large for a more fitted look.

The sheath dress is my favorite work look because it’s easy to toss on with a sweater, jacket….even a button down underneath changes up the look while still keeping it professional. I was mesmerized by the blue color of this Theory sheath in Dark Pacific, and it did not disappoint in person. It’s fitted to the body perfectly, cut in a classic, timeless style. I ordered a size up since Theory’s clothes can fit a bit snug for those with hips. Where most sheath dresses end up being way too big in the waist, the fit on this dress was on point.


I also picked up my first cashmere item, this gorgeous Halogen cardigan in a beautiful taupe color. It was sold out almost immediately so I went straight to the source, and Nordstrom found it in-store and shipped it out to me (thank you . I can’t get over how soft it is, and the length is perfect. It’s figure flattering and hands down my favorite purchase of the sale. This cardigan from Barefoot Dreams is very similar in shape and length.

I picked up some jewelry during the sale as well. I’ve got so much junky, costume jewelry that never sees the light of day, and I’m sorta over the chunky necklace trend. Delicate pieces are what I’m in the mood for lately – studs, barely there necklaces and bangles. I’m also a huge fan of anything black, so I love these Nadri Triangle studs. These Nadri Curved studs are also really pretty.

I first read about the JBrand photo ready denim on Victoria’s blog. I’m a life long Paige Denim-exclusive wearer, so I was hesitant to try another brand of jeans. It typically ends up in disappointment (i.e. I can’t get the jeans up my thighs!) Well Victoria was right, because these are my new favorite jeans! They are stretchy, but it’s a comfortable stretch that doesn’t tighten up as the day goes on and your body swells. And they are hella flattering! I’m pretty sure my thighs look half their size! The best part? They are dark black and perfect for day, night, work…anytime! The jeans were Nordstrom exclusive and sold out, but you can find other photo ready denim from JBrand here.

I also picked up the T3 travel hair dryer and mini straightener. Despite the smaller size, both items are amazing. I mean, when you’ve been using the same hair dryer and straightener for ummmm….10 or so years I guess anything is going to be impressive!

What didn’t work for me? I wanted to love this Skagen watch, but I couldn’t get over the band. It was a bit cheap looking. And in my attempt to pick up my first ever pair of grown up PJs (don’t judge, I’m a huge Old Navy PJ pant fan that I wear with old high school tees), I couldn’t get over how the Eberjey fabric clung to my body. The last thing I want when I sleep is something sticky and clingy. No thanks!

You can shop my finds below as well as directly in the post!

Did you find anything closet changing during the sale, the item that will be your fall go-to?

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