Monday Musings: Birthday Week!


Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a lovely Holiday weekend. Please note that in real life it’s more like this today – Monday…grumble, grumble with fists and legs kicking and screaming. But I know we’re all pissed that somehow the weekend is already over, so I won’t belabor it much more. It’s actually a pretty exciting week around here because it’s my birthday week! Really it’s my birthday month, and I’m not shy one bit about wanting to celebrate all 31 days. And even though I’ve recently encountered more and more people who hate their own birthday (what is wrong with you?!), well, I won’t be toning it down any for you. Come back in August! 🙂 When you find out I share my birthday with free Slurpee Day, I mean, I think you’d be pretty excited for me too. Side note: You don’t receive anything extra for sharing your birthday with 7-Eleven. I’ve tried.

This weekend, the husband and I have an overnight getaway to Baltimore for a little Kansas concert Friday evening. No, you aren’t reading the blog of an 80 year old, I promise. Then the Saturday birthday kicks off with some brunch and good friends, ending at home with a special home cooked meal, pup snuggles and cupcakes. I honestly can’t think of anything better than that.

Rosé goes with everything.  Not that you need a food pairing for a chilled glass of rosĂ© in the summertime, but this Strawberry-Rhubarb crumble I made is a match made in heaven. Bonus points? It’s also gluten free! And if you can get your hands on this Italian rosĂ©, you’ll be thanking me later, I promise.

What are you watching tonight? In the summer, we’re typically outside every chance we get. But in the evenings, we use the time to catch up on shows we haven’t seen. This weekend we finished up White Collar, with NETFLIX releasing the last, shortened season on Saturday. I don’t know that I’ve ever been so bummed for a show to end. We’re thinking True Detective next but are open to suggestions! Any series out there that shouldn’t be missed?

Tattoo you. There’s something about summer that always makes me want another tattoo. They are addictive, especially when tiny tattoos are all the rage. They also happen to be my favorite kind – something small and personal. I loved seeing this series by Austin Tott that matches body art to corresponding backgrounds.

And yeah, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, the inspiration around here has been at an all time low lately. It doesn’t help that I rotate the same three summer dresses or have workout clothes on most days.  But there’s something special happening later in the month that I can’t wait to tell you about. Loads of inspiration of the beauty kind to come. Promise!

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