Monday Musings: Open for Boozeness


Happy Monday! Hopefully you stayed cool over the weekend, as it was a scorcher here in Virginia. I put the finishing touches on our “boozy” bar cart, turning a potting bench from World Market into the must have (in my mind) summer item. You can see more over on Bites, Barrels and Brews, the blog I write with my husband Cody, today!  Truth be told, it’s where I’ve been spending most of my time. But I miss you guys so, you’ve got me for today! I cannot take credit for this idea, and there’s a good chance you’ve seen it pop up on Pinterest from time to time. Credit goes where credit is due, and The Creativity Exchange gets it all for coming up with this amazing idea! We’re open for “boozeness” all day long, so stop by anytime!

If we’re not drinking, writing about drinking or building the ultimate outdoor drink machine, you’ll find us catching up on a few new (and old) shows. Have you all seen Younger yet? Since it’s on TV Land (yes, really!), there’s a good chance you’ve missed it. But I’m here to tell you, you need to add this adorable show into your summer viewing rotation. Liza is 40, newly divorced and struggling to enter the workforce again after raising her daughter as a stay-at-home mom for 18 years. In her frustration, she decides to apply for work as a 26-year old and lands a job as an assistant at a publishing company. Did I mention Hillary Duff becomes one of her younger besties, and she starts dating a 26 year old hottie? Major props to my co-worker Donna for recommending!

Our other new favorite, thanks to an unhealthy obsession with Tiffani Thiessan by both me and my husband, is White Collar on Netflix. We started watching Dinner at Tiffani’s (which is also adorable, btw), where Tiffani cooks for her friends, co-stars (think Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley) and other well known TV celebrities. I consider her a modern day Martha Stewart, and I love how every show kicks off with a cocktail! In one episode, she cooked for her White Collar castmates, and the intrigue into the show began. It follows the format of shows like NCIS or Bones where each episode is a case to solve with a longer running theme in the background throughout the season. Think con artist becomes FBI consultant. Also, it doesn’t hurt this con artist happens to be gorgeous!

In addition to some TV watching, I’m also catching up on…

Easy, Summer Reading: You’ll typically find me reading  a few books at a time during the year – both fiction and non-fiction. In the summer, though, I typically pick up easy, summer reads. The latest gem? Eight Hundred Grapes by Laura Dave. It’s set in Sonoma Wine Country in California, and I highly recommend you enjoy it with a glass of California red or a chilled Rosé! If you don’t drink wine, you might be changing your mind after this read!

A Little, Light Shopping: OK, so….I’m not shopping. But I am taking my budget and making a list for next year. And just because I can’t shop right now doesn’t mean you have to stop too! First on my list? New bras and undergarments. After having a professional bra fitting last year, I learned I had been wearing the wrong size for…are you ready? 16 years! I was so embarrassed. How could I not know the right size? I was assured by the lady helping me that most women have no idea they are wearing the wrong size bras. I’m loving everything I come across at True&Co. Free shipping when you spend $75 (and we all know when it comes to bras, that’s not hard to meet!) and free and easy returns. I’m especially fond of the long line bras. Bra back fat be gone!

DC Area Events: There’s so much going on in the summertime around DC. You can find some sort of festival to make everyone happy, especially this coming weekend. Hit up the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ festival at the National Harbor on the 19th and 20th. If relaxation is more your thing, Down Dog Yoga will be holding a Summer Solstice Session with Athleta this coming Sunday, June 21st. Get your grub on at the Taste of Reston. Enjoy some wine and jazz in Old Town Manassas. Frolic in the garden and pick fresh lavender in Purcellville. See? So, so much to do and see!

What’s on tap for the rest of your summer?



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