Is Anyone Having Any Fun?


I came across this interview on Elle this morning, becoming intrigued not because of the title but because of the subject – Marisa Berenson. If you’re not familiar, Ms. Berenson is a style icon, was a supermodel in the 60s and 70s and was dubbed by YSL the “girl of the seventies”. She truly defined this era, an era that you will soon begin to see (if you aren’t already) making a huge splash this year when it comes to fashion. But there’s more to her interview than discussing the glamorous life she’s led and her own personal style. And I want to talk about it.

I’m sure by now you’ve noticed most fashion and style bloggers tossing their destroyed skinny jeans for larger than life flares all in the name of what’s trending. And while I know that’s the name of the game (I have this blog after all and have fallen for multiple trends throughout my life over and over again), I can’t help but be a bit irritated by it. I’ve been wearing flares and bells since 2000 religiously. Through 15 years of seeing denim trends come and go, I’ve never once let my love of this denim style sit on a shelf, waiting for fashion to circle back and regurgitate. So I guess this leads me to the point of my current rambles, I’m so completely uninspired by what’s out there right now.  I think a lot of people are.

Later in the interview with Ms. Berenson, she’s asked the question “What do you think of fashion now?” Here’s her exact quote:

“Design has become more rigorous and linear. Everybody is very minimal, severe, monochrome. The young people dress very similar today. There’s less individuality and everything is safer. Fashion is a reflection of the times we live in. We’re living in a more serious, heavy world, with less insouciance, as one says, and a different energy. It’s not a time of lightness or exuberance. The joie de vivre—I don’t see that.”

What do you think? Do you agree with her take on fashion and style today? I have to say I do. I can’t tell you how many fashion and style blogs I’ve stopped reading and bloggers I’ve stopped following on Instagram because it’s always the same thing. It’s safe. It’s what everyone is doing. Look, nothing is ever “new”. From articles to blog posts to the fashion going down the runway – it’s all been written before, designed before, photographed before. That’s just the way it goes. But right now I think it’s become beyond saturated with a lack of creativity and individuality, myself included. Everyone is trying to be like everyone else.

In some cases, I’ve allowed my own style to be influenced by others. Sometimes in a good way, being inspired to trying something new. But honestly, more so in a less than positive way, buying things because they appeared “cool” or because it was a “must-have” item. Not because it was necessarily my own personal style.  Luckily most of that stuff has found its way out of my closet for good as I’ve been trying to circle back to my style and what I loved most about fashion during the pre-blog era. My purchases as of late have been at a complete minimum because I don’t need anything else. I realize now the oldies but goodies I’ve held on to over the years, I’ve held onto for a reason. These items, they define my style. Not my giant, face guzzling blanket scarf. Maybe I sound like a huge hypocrite, and I’m OK with that. I think knowing and realizing is sometimes half the battle. And I gotta say, I love how much free time I have now that I’m not pouring over blog after blog after blog. It’s OK to have a signature style.  But it’s also OK to have fun with fashion and to wear what makes you feel confident and happy, even if it’s not what your favorite blogger says you should be wearing.

I’ll leave you with my favorite quote from the interview. Ms. Berenson is asked “Why does the fashion of that era (the 70s) continue to be such a big influence?”

“It was a time of amazing creativity. People were very free and weren’t afraid to be individual—that’s what made everyone so stylish at the time. They all had their own personal style and they didn’t want to look alike.”

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  • Abigail | A Little Leopard
    March 19, 2015 at 5:10 pm

    I do think there is a certain homogenity among the blogger set, and it’s a trap that’s easy to fall into. Personally, I know I’m still trying to figure out my personal style and what the heck that constitutes. I’ve tended toward the minimal/preppy and I don’t know if I’ll be able to embrace a full-on 70s revival!

    I think, too, part of the sameness comes from the fact we all shop at the same places and use the same sources of inspiration. It’s like this article The Coveteur just did on the death of the street style star: GREAT read on with a very similar point.