Steal Her Style: Claire Underwood


I’m guessing by now, if you are a total TV binge watcher like me and my husband, you’ve finished up Season 3 of House of Cards. I won’t say anything about the season just in case you haven’t, but if you have, I’m curious to know what you thought about it in comparison to Seasons 1 & 2. Of course Ms. Underwood’s style is totally on point in Season 3 again, and back by popular demand, I give you a Clarie Underwood – Steal Her Style!



When I moved to the Northern VA area after college for my first, grown-up job, I was a mess. I missed my family. I missed my friends. I (pretty much) hated my job. It was rough. But I never let anyone see that on the outside. I woke up super early every morning to get ready for the work day, taking so much time to put myself together so (to me) I was nothing other than perfect. Perfect hair. Perfect makeup. Perfect outfit. I used it as my suit of armor if you will so that no matter what was going on inside, you’d never know from looking at me I was a total train wreck. This facade didn’t last too long; it was exhausting. I’ve never been all that great at playing pretend.

Watching House of Cards, I always think about that time in my life. It’s how the show depicts Claire. Her life is this swirling mess of evil schemes and underhandedness and heartache, but on the outside, she’s perfect. They take her shift dresses and pencil skirts a bit further than I did. They are nipped, tucked and tailored to the extreme, draping her body as perfectly as you can get. Her armor. While the color palette is neutral and monochrome across the board with a lot of structure, they throw a peplum jacket or bow-tie blouse in there every once in a while for a feminine touch. To remind you she’s a lady. While I’ll never be on board with Claire’s ability to justify her internal “ugliness”, I wouldn’t mind having her wardrobe (her shift dresses mostly. I have a deep, deep appreciation for the shift.) for the ol’ 9-5.

DRESS 1/2/3
JACKET 1/2/3
BLOUSE 1/2/3



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