Unconditional Love


With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, I thought I would share with you the loves of my life. Meet Gabby, Brody and Kizzy, my three adorable little moppets that my husband and I could not live without. It was a rare, late Sunday afternoon last weekend when I hadn’t already changed into my old school sweat pants (you know the kind. I’m not talking about the gathered at the ankle sweat pants that are in style right now. I’m talking these beauties.)  It gets sexy up in our hizzouse, how about yours? This is the normal Sunday afternoon in our home. You have Sunday Funday. We have Snuggle Sunday. Same sorta thing in a way. There’s lots of couch sitting, DVR watching, wine drinking and of course, pup snuggling. We normally lay like this as long as we can, keeping fingers, toes and paws crossed in the hopes the weekend will start over again. We’ll whisper to each other “Maybe if we lie here all day long time won’t actually pass, and Monday morning will be Saturday all over again”. It might be all of the wine that leads us to this delusional type of thinking. We’ll believe in anything to cure the Sunday day and night blues….anything.











The two ladies, Miss Gabby and Miss K, compete for top spot on my lap pretty much every single day and night. I’ve been punched to the babymaker so many times during their “who can snuggle mommo the bestest and the closest” fights that I’m worried it may no longer be in working order (probably part of their evil plan to always be the only children in the house). And don’t get any funny ideas from these photos that Sir Brody doesn’t get any affection. He’s a man! He doesn’t want coddled and cuddled. (OK, sometimes he does. He is a sweetheart after all.) He just wants to play ball. All day. Every day. When he was a tiny, wrinkly, little fat man, at eight o’clock sharp he’d be on my lap every evening. Didn’t matter what he was doing. Now it’s one of those rare moments when he snuggles in close. I’m pretty sure you can see my heart beaming through my chest with pure happiness on those occasions.

Even through all of the ups and downs (and there’s been plenty), being blessed with these three beauties is hands down the best part of my life. They’ve shaped  it and taught me what is and isn’t important in ways they will never comprehend. They’ve made me resilient to just about everything, without me actually realizing what was happening, how I was growing, how strong I was becoming. After a particularly shitty day, they restore my faith that there is good in the world.It takes just one lick on the cheek, one toe nip of love, one neck nuzzle. And. I. Melt.

Unconditional love is where it’s at my friends, especially that of the furry kind. Wishing you all unconditional love too in the days leading up to V-Day! And I mean, you can always stop by if you need some. These three forget who I am in a heartbeat when someone new comes to the door. They’re just waiting to snuggle their love all over you! Just be careful with K. She gives love bites!

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  • whitney
    February 11, 2015 at 11:52 am

    How sweet are they! I’ve been wanting a dog so bad lately.

    • Jenn Specketer
      February 12, 2015 at 9:08 am

      Thanks Whitney! They are a joy to have around. Total change in your lifestyle, but I think totally worth it!