Shades of Grey


Are you typically a black and white type of thinker? Is everything either right or wrong? Good or bad? Is there one rule that applies to everybody? A schedule with an exact time that is always the same? Do you like things to be predictable? Or do you fall more into the “shades of grey” type of thinking, where rules sometimes mean one thing and then they sometimes mean another, depending on the day, time, week, month, year. You’re OK with the ambiguous and the abstract. You have no issues being adaptable and flexible. You like to try new things, whether they work out or not. You’re OK if there’s not a definitive answer to your question. You’re OK saying “I don’t know”.









I fall somewhere in the middle, trying to err more on the shades of grey but at times falling back into more of an all or nothing, black or white, sorta place. It’s also tough when a lot of time during the day, I’m encouraged to give someone grey. But deep down, what I’ve typically experienced, is a lot of people really want black or white.  Not grey. Grey thinking sounds good to everyone until you can’t come up with a definitive answer to a question. Or you come up with an answer they don’t like. Some people don’t want options, I’ve found. They want you to tell them something, anything…whether true or false, right or wrong. As long as you can make it sound good, they don’t care.

I believe it takes a lot more strength and confidence to say you don’t know. To say you’ll go and find out. To not allow someone to pressure you into their type of thinking. Thinking in grey means being forgiving of ourselves. It means being honest with ourselves. It means being OK with having a different point of view or a different opinion than someone else. Can you imagine if we all thought the same way? We need people that can see problems from a different view point, in a different context.

It’s funny what churns in my head sometimes. This Express blouse immediately made me think about this concept, with it’s black and white splatter print. Sometimes you look at it and you can clearly see just the black and white print. But other times, if you catch it just right, you can pull out multiple shades of grey.

Speaking of shades of grey….are you ready for Friday?

Blouse: Express
Leather Jacket: Madewell
Heels:  Vince
Denim: 7 for All Mankind
Nails: Essie
Furry Accessory: Miss Gabby!




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  • Sinann
    February 10, 2015 at 9:00 am

    LOVE you hair! Currently growing mine out again to donate enough so it can still be shoulder length when I chop. Sooo ready to chop!

    • Jenn Specketer
      February 11, 2015 at 9:16 am

      Thank you!! I so needed a change. Even though, it still takes the same exact time to dry! I really need a sugar daddy to pay for weekly blowouts. I HATE drying my hair! How long does it have to be to donate?

  • Sinann
    February 11, 2015 at 9:28 pm

    My hairdresser says she can take at least 8-9″. Last time she cut off 11″! I donated about 2 years ago. Skipped a few haircuts so figured why not do it again. My hair grows pretty fast so it doesn’t take too long.