Fridays in France: Downtown Beaune


Thanks to a little green dinosaur, known to some of us as the Timehop app, I was reminded this morning that one year ago today we finalized the planning of our France trip. Enter the mixed feelings of a deep longing to do it all over again, the disbelief that it feels like we were there just yesterday, not last Aug/Sep and the gratitude I have for being able to take such an amazing trip. Now all I want to do is plan our next one! Kitchen remodel or Europe trip? Kitchen remodel or Europe trip? Sigh. I hate having to make adult decisions sometimes!


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So today, to honor last years amazing planning that we somehow managed to do all on our own without killing each other, I present to you….. Beaune! Beaune is the capital of Burgundy in the Côte d’Or department in eastern France. Beaune is surrounded by some of the world’s most famous and amazing wine villages. With its rich historical and architectural heritage, Beaune is considered the “Capital of Burgundy wines”. The downtown area is adorable, filled with shops, markets, restaurants and wine stores every way you look. Just on the outskirts of the center of town, you’ll find lush gardens and beautiful homes. The town dates back to ancient Roman times but really came into its own during the medieval time period. The city still reflects the medieval history of the area with its architecture, fortresses and even a moat still preserved.

We stayed at Chez Marie, an adorable little B&B right on the outskirts of town where morning breakfast kicked off with decadent homemade jams in raspberry, cassis and apricot, freshly brewed café au lait and the flakiest of flaky croissants. With the majority of our days spent wine tasting and touring, we wanted one day to explore all of Beaune’s nooks and crannies without rushing. By luck we happened upon La Moutarderie Fallot, a family owned and operated mustard factory since 1840. We toured the factory that produces mustard in various flavors, including Burgundy Mustard. Made with seeds produced in Burgundy and with designation of origin of the wine produced in Burgundy, “Mustard Burgundy” is a product rooted in the Burgundian terroir. This is completely different than Dijon, which can be produced anywhere. Let me tell you, some of these mustards were pretty potent! My personal favorites were the Cassis and the Burgundy. We had a great time going around the mustard tasting bar, trying at least 15 different kinds! As you can tell from the photos, the hubby had a hard time with the strength of a few of them!

Besides the wine and the Saturday market (wait till you see those pictures later on – the entire downtown becomes the cutest outdoor market you ever did see…swoon!), my favorite moments in Beaune were spent walking round and round the downtown, hand-in-hand with the hubs. Even after the shops closed down and most of the restaurants started winding down to prepare for the next day, there was something quite lovely about this town at night. Maybe it was the walking light tour, allowing you to discover Beaune by night where really cool projections depicting the town’s history were shown on various buildings. Maybe it was the candle-lit walkways and paths that provided a romantic glow in the moonlight. Or maybe, just maybe it was all of the Burgundy wine that was drank. Yep, I’m pretty sure that was actually it!

Have a nice weekend! Cheers!






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