Color Inspiration NO.1 | Shades of Purple


With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, I figured what better time to kickoff my color inspiration series. While we typically think pinks and reds for Valentine’s Day, there’s a color that doesn’t always get its due – Purple. Purple is my all time very favorite color. However if you asked me how many purple items of clothing I own, I can probably count on one hand. It’s not something I typically gravitate towards in terms of clothing, but I think that needs to change. In my effort to stack my closet with basics and neutrals, I don’t want to get far away from what I truly love. From deep plums to lavender and lilac, purple tones are so rich and to me, symbolize creativity and being unique. I tend to find myself from time to time on the outskirts, observing the world around me. Independent from birth everyone always says, so maybe that’s why I gravitate so much towards this tone. It also doesn’t hurt that purple makes green eyes pop! And these tired eyes could use some popping, that’s for sure.

THE COLOR PURPLE: Plum. Lavender. Lilac. Mauve. Violet.

PHYSICAL EFFECTS: Uplifts. Calms the mind and nerves. Encourages creativity. Offers a sense of spirituality. Signifies royalty and nobility.

THE MEANING: In the US, purple signifies courage. The Purple Heart is given to members of the armed forces who have been wounded in action. In Tibet, amethysts are considered sacred to Buddha. In Egypt, purple denotes faith and virtue.

INTERESTING FACTS: February is the month associated with the color purple. Purple is the color of the highest denomination poker chip = $5,000. Leonardo da Vinci believed that the power of meditation increases ten times when done in a purple light, as in the purple light of stained glass.

BRANDS/PEOPLE IDENTIFIED BY PURPLE: Crown Royal. Yahoo. Prince. LA Lakers.

PURPLE AND OUR SENSE OF SMELL: The scent of Lavender is said to be stress reducing. It is one of the most ancient elements used in perfumed products. Wisteria scents are romantic and can be very sensual. Grapes = Wine = Happiness. Enough said.

COLOR COMBOS: Violet & Mustard. Plum & Olive. Lilac & Navy.










Since I’m a huge psychology nerd at heart, you can read more about the psychology of the color purple here.  And if you, like me, realized you need more purple in your life, my favorite purple picks for Spring are below.

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  • elle [wonderfelle world]
    February 5, 2015 at 12:47 pm

    I really like purple but now that I think about it – have very little of it in my life! Maybe its time to change that…

  • Abigail | A Little Leopard
    February 5, 2015 at 1:57 pm

    Gotta love any roundup that includes an Atlantic Pacific picture! Blair’s always an inspiration.

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