Monday Musings: Your February Checklist

I don’t quite know how we got here already, but it’s February! January flew by for me this year. Flew. By. Typically February would mean a trip somewhere warm with sandy beaches, blue skies and swim up bars with umbrella drinks. In the past few years, we’ve traded in our February winter getaways in order to save up for our larger traveling adventures. Which is great! But I gotta tell ya, I’m jonesin’ for sand between my toes, perfect salt water curls and sun-kissed skin. If, like me, you can’t swing a beach vaca this month, the February checklist below will hopefully help ease you into the next 28 days.

The name of February came from the Latin februa, a means of cleansing, which referred to pre-spring purification rituals. It is said if the weather is fine and frosty at the close of January and beginning of February, there is more winter ahead than behind! February is also the only month that can pass without a single full moon! And it’s National Hot Breakfast Month. Any month that celebrates breakfast food in all its glory is a good friend of mine!

This month make sure you…

[] Keep tabs on the groundhog.  And put a visit to Punxsutawney, PA on your bucket list. It’s on mine!

[] Catch the ever classic Groundhog Day with Bill Murry and Andie McDowell. Watching this on February 2nd is one of our favorite family traditions.

[] Keep up with NYC Fashion Week.  The week kicks off in all its glory on February 11th. You can keep tabs on anything and everything fashion right here. Or tune into on my favorite site for fashion week coverage here.

[] Send a Valentine the old-fashioned way… in the mail! DIY all fancy like the old days. No time? These are cute. These are heartfelt. These are snarky.

[] Pour yourself a big glass of wine, Olivia Pop style, and take a trip down memory lane with old love letters and photos. On a budget? Try a bottle of Fourplay. Big Spender? Pick up this guy. Said to have an explosive finish!

[] Participate in Random Acts of Kindness. While we should be practicing this each and every day, February 17th is officially know as Random Acts of Kindness Day. Get some ideas from last year’s post here, and start spreading a little bit of love and joy to those around you.

[] Make the month about your pet! Love your Pet Day falls on the 20th. I’ll be whipping up more of these sweet tater treats for the furbabies. Need ideas for celebrating? Check these out.  And don’t forget to tune into the Westminster Dog Show on the 16th and 17th of the month!

[] Celebrate National Margarita Day! I mean, come on. Is there a better reason for a celebration? If you can’t take that beach trip, bring the party to you! Victoria McGinley posted her tried and true recipe last year. Circle your calendar for February 22nd!

[] Embrace your inner redneck! NASCAR kicks off its season with the Daytona 500 on February 22nd (You can celebrate with Margaritas!) Full disclosure here, I’ve been a NASCAR fan since high school. My sister had a life size cutout of Jeff Gordon in her bedroom. And I’ve been to the NASCAR hall of fame in addition to multiple races. It’s actually a really good time. It’s great for people watching. You. See. Everything. Men in business suits on one end of the spectrum and men wearing crop tops with cut off jorts on the other. You’ll see women wearing their fur coats and high heels to women sporting some of the sweetest she-mullets you ever did see. Pinterest has everything you’ll need to throw on kick-ass Welcome Back NASCAR party. Dibs on the Teddy Bear Race Cars.

[] Start a 30 28 day workout challenge! Revive your resolutions for 2015 and promise yourself you’ll move every day for all 28 days of the month. Hey, it’s two or three days less than the other months! Guaranteed by the time you hit Day 28, you’ll be in a consistent routine and have a focused mindset to continue.

[] Wear Red! The entire month of February is designated as National Heart Month. Did you know 1 in 3 women die from heart disease or a stroke very year? Even more reason to start that 28 day workout challenge. Need to spice up your wardrobe with shades of bright poppy or deep red? I love this ruby and ivory strip J.Crew top, and this fun, bright red midi skirt.

What’s on your list for February? If it’s a weekend getaway for somewhere hot and sunny, you better send pics!

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