Sweater Story, Part 2


Guys, we are over the hump! Thank goodness for Thursday. This is a four day week for me which means everyone at work tries to cram five days worth of everything into four. It’s hell.  I’m exhausted, and I’m ready for a weekend full of big fat nothing! Do you ever have weeks where the best thing you can think of doing on the weekend is staying in your PJs, ordering takeout and binge watching your favorite Netflix series? Those weekends are the best! And I guarantee you that one of those days will be spent all day in this sweater. 





Look familiar? Yep, you’re correct. I’m wearing Tuesday’s laundry! I told you this sweater went with everything in my closet! (And this weekend it will pair very nicely with my animal print pajama bottoms!) The other item that goes with everything? This Forever 21 coat. That’s right, Forever 21. Early last year, I made a promise to myself that I would quit Forever 21. And I did, cold turkey. I didn’t shop there all that much to begin with, but when I did,  I always fell into the quantity vs. quality trap. Then I’d be super pissed at myself that I filled my cart with stuff I didn’t need just because of the price. Shopping there was like being in a bad relationship. You’d stay away for awhile and feel super proud of yourself only to be drug back in and hooked once again. Not healthy.

When this coat popped up in my Instagram feed, I had one of those cartoon skunk, hearts shoot out of my eyes moments. I couldn’t resist.  It was love.  I know some people like to invest in coats, which I think is great. But there have always been a few things I’m hard on that honestly never last as long as they should. Coats fall into that category for me (with the exception of the leather jacket). I’d rather throw down 40 bucks for a coat that will last a year or two than 400. That’s when I realized I could keep shopping at Forever 21, I just had to remind myself which items were worth it and which always ended up in the donate pile. So now I stick strictly to coats, jackets and summer maxi dresses. I loved this one so much that I picked it up in gray too after the Holidays. The camel color is sold out but gray is still available! And please don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on the store at all. Growing up, more was always more. And I’m still working on the concept of adding pieces to my closet I will wear day in and day out vs. picking things up I don’t need just to have more stuff. It’s a balancing act I hope to get right someday soon. For my hubby, it can’t come soon enough!

Have you struggled with purchasing things you don’t need or trying to streamline your spending? Any tips to share on overcoming the more vs. less battle?


Sweater (similar): H&M
Jeans: J.Crew
Booties (similar):  Old Steve Madden
Coat (in Gray) (similar in Camel): F21
Bag: Express
Sunnies: Ray-Ban



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  • paige / house of ginger
    February 4, 2015 at 2:56 pm

    beautiful coat! and the boots have a fabulous 80’s vibe – i dig it!
    and thanks for stopping by my blog!