Happy Birthday Gabby!

happy-birthday-gabby-jenn-inspiredThis sassy little minx turns eight years old today! She’s so happy her parents decided not to kick off 2015 by going back to work on Monday like everyone else. One more day of lazy, birthday snuggles and homemade sweet potato treats! Yay!

Miss Gabby is so very special to us. Not only is she our “first born”, but she has the strongest spirit I’ve ever seen – even compared to people. Gabby was diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy in 2011, and it’s been tough. Tough on her, tough on us, tough on her siblings. We do things to take care of Gabby (and all of our fur babies, really) that most people would deem crazy. And maybe it is but one thing is for sure, we are crazy..we are absolutely crazy for this little one.

Gabby was recently featured in this beautiful dog book featuring over 100 dogs living with epilepsy. I was honored to provide her story for the book. As you flip through, just like a lot of diseases, you’ll see a range of dogs. It’s not specific to breed or age. That’s what makes canine epilepsy so damn hard to treat. Each dog is different. Each case is different. It’s trial and error until you find something that works…and then that only works for so long. Then it becomes trial and error again. And we do the best we can to live a normal life, even with the constant fear of the “monster” looming in the background.

Despite the disease, despite the days and nights spent in vet offices, neurologist offices, emergency rooms and working with holistic vets, her spirit and strength never wavered once. She has never let epilepsy slow her down. She still chases her brother around the living room. She still sasses for treats. She still takes her good ol’ time during potty breaks to ensure she gets the walk she wants. I want to be more like Gabby most days. She’s happy no matter what the situation. She can adapt and go with the flow. She has no problems asking for what she wants.  She’s pretty damn perfect.   As I wrote in the book, each day we have with this beauty is the very best day of our lives. Happy Birthday, sweetheart! We love you!happy-birthday-gabby-jenn-inspired050115_1




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