Filling My Bucket Bag








Here we are…Happy 2015! Hopefully your New Year’s Eve was exactly as you wanted it to be, whether it was home snuggling your loved ones or out partying 2014 away. Hopefully it “filled your bucket”. (Minds out of the gutter please! I’ll explain below.)

So have you heard this term “How full is your bucket”? It’s normally used as a metaphor for children, helping them understand positive behaviors and how to express kindness to others. But after hearing the term this past weekend, it occurred to me…it’s not just a concept for children. It’s a good way to think about life in general, especially as we all make our resolutions for 2015.

Do the people, things and experiences in your life fill your days with joy and positivity? Or do they “dip” from your bucket, overshadowing the positive and leaving you down and out with negativity and sadness? Do you only focus on filling your own bucket, or do you try your best to help fill the buckets of others around you as well? The nice thing about the New Year? We all start off with a clean slate, an empty bucket so to speak. And we can start over anew and begin filling our buckets with those things that speak to our heart. Maybe the career path you’ve chosen leaves you feeling empty, and you know you’re destined for something much greater. Maybe your long hours at work, necessary or not, deplete not only your bucket but those of your significant other, children, etc. Maybe there are things you need to empty out of your bucket in order to make room for happier, more meaningful moments. Whatever it is, you can start today. You can begin filling your bucket with the good.

In my efforts to stop filling my bucket with fads, trends and the like, things I used to think made me happy, I’ve vowed this year to be much more strategic in how I spend my money. I want to focus more on experiences rather than “things”. This beautiful bucket bag was a gift from the hubby this Christmas, and it’s the first “big girl” bag I’ve ever owned. Seriously, it is. I’ve never been a bag girl. I grab my little phone case that holds what I need and go. It’s taken me to until age 33 to find a bag that I could justify spending some money on….and I love it. In fact, I’m pretty sure it was fate. The bag is named “Jenn” after all. And this Vintage Collarless Coat from the Lookbook Store with it’s faux leather detailing will carry me through year after year. A classic black coat with unique details will never go out of style.

How will you begin filling your bucket and the buckets of others in 2015?

Coat: c/o Lookbook Store
Dress (similar here): Tibi
Boots: Stuart Weitzman
Hat (similar here): Nine West
Bag: GiGi New York




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