So This Is Christmas…


There are a few things in this life that go together perfectly. Hats and bad hair days, for example, are a perfect match. Maybe you left your purple shampoo on your blonde hair just a bit too long and now your normally golden locks are a not so stunning shade of gray. Toss on a hat and presto! Doesn’t look so bad anymore.






Or how about cloudy days and photography? Maybe the signs of not being ready for Christmas are showing all over your face, and taking pictures for your blog is the last thing you want to do when 32048032948390 gifts still need wrapped. Add in some gray skies and chango! The camera somehow erases those extra dark circles and stress lines, leaving you with glowing, perfect skin.

But my favorite combination lately? Blush and Black. It’s girly with an edge. It takes something as lovely as this Sleeves Tab Draped Lapel Blazer – Neutral Pink from the Lookbook Store, and tones down its sugary sweetness. I’ve been all about this extra layer of the drapey blazer and longer overcoat since our Paris trip, and this blush-toned beauty fits the bill. Toss on some destroyed black denim (an early present to myself since I lost 5 pounds – woo hoo!) and you’ve got yourself a match made in heaven.

You want to know what isn’t a match made in heaven? Christmas and RAIN. Whoever thought this was a good combination (ahem Mother Nature, I’m looking at you) needs their head checked. The correct answer is…… Christmas and SNOW! Ay Yi Yi. But come hell or high water this evening (we’ll actually have both – a  trip into DC and buckets of rain) we’ll keep our Christmas Eve tradition running strong – a visit to the National Christmas Tree and drinks at the Old Ebbitt Grill with our loved ones. Because family and Christmas my friends…..THAT is the ultimate perfect match. Merry Christmas!

Blazer: c/o Lookbook Store
Shirt: Express
Jeans: Paige
Heels (similar here): Old Nine West
Hat: Express
Leather Cuff (similar here): Epcot Center Canada (I know, right?)


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