Monday Musings: Ask and Ye Shall Receive


Have you ever asked the Universe for something, and this something came swooping in so fast it knocked you onto your rumpus and blew you away? Yeah that happened to me last week, and it was totes crazy. I’m an anomaly of sorts when it comes to life change. I like it. I don’t handle routine very well. You’ve all heard “if you stick to x for y days, it will become routine!” No, no it won’t. Not for me. I can stick to something for years and decide to change it overnight with little or no impact to my psyche. I guess most people call this resilient, being able to pick yourself back up after sudden life changes. Some probably call it plain old stupid because normally, I’m inflicting these changes on myself. But I call it absolutely necessary for my own well being.

My love of change always worries the hubby, sometimes from the financial side of things “she’s bored with the couch already…how much is this going to cost?” Sometimes from the relationship side of things “Is the comfy old shoe on his way to the donate pile?” When it comes to matters of the heart and home, routine and steadfastness is my favorite. When it comes to day to day life, give me change and give it to me often. I mean, how else do you get to live and have new experiences if you don’t welcome change into your life? Ya don’t.

While this all might sound pretty brave and ballsy, I assure you I also get scared. The phrase “be careful what you wish for…you might just get it” is always in the back of my mind during times like this.  And it’s especially happening right now because I don’t have much to go on in terms of what I’ll be doing in this new role after the new year. But I knew when the opportunity arrived right after I had thrown caution to the wind and asked for it, it was meant to be mine. I truly believe opportunities arrive when you are ready for them or when you need them in your life. Same with people. The right people show up at the right times. They might not stay forever, but they come when you need them the most.

So your below reads for the morning are coming to you when you might need them most! Hopefully they’ll put a big ol’ grin on your face or provide you some much needed stress relief as you emotionally, physically and mentally prepare for the family shitstorm about to swallow you whole over the next two weeks.  And I mean shitstorm in the holliest and jolliest way possible, I promise!

Stay Calm and Do Yoga: The one thing I’ve promised myself ala this post is to get my ass up in the mornings during the next two weeks and work out. This includes practicing yoga. I can attest, the poses listed in this article can bring some calm and stress relief to your day. Even if the thought of yoga sends you screaming, starting or ending the day by holding child’s pose for a few breaths can center you and bring you back to a place of peace. Admit it. You’re gonna need some of the peace.

It’s Less Creepy, More Awesome: If you think the Holidays might be bad for you, how about the poor bastard guy who’s about to watch his lady go off on a whirl-wind tour of the world with a stranger? You’ve all read about the guy who was planning a world tour with his girlfriend, only to break up with her and start a search for someone with the same name to take the ticket. Well he found that someone, a 23 year old student who is quite lovely. I guess I missed the part initially where this guy is actually a 28 year old dream boat. He’s a cutie. They started the tour in New York last Thursday and will visit Milan, Vienna, Prague, Paris, southern Thailand, Bangkok then Delhi, India. Hmmmm…yeah, there’s nothing romantic about ANY of those places. If you have twitter, you can follow long with Elizabeth Gallagher here. #scandalous

Your “I Hate Christmas Music” Playlist: Tired of hearing Jingle Bell Rock? Fed up with Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas? Then this list was made for you. I mean, how you can you not love a song titled “Daddy Drank Our Christmas Money”?





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