Buffalo Plaid Boyfriend

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There’s something about a guy’s button down shirt that makes it completely different than one designed for the ladies, especially when we’re talking flannel. There’s this element of cozy associated with it that isn’t found in your typical women’s shirt. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the slimmer cut that skims the curves just so. But sometimes you want oversized, snuggly and warm. This men’s buffalo plaid flannel (aka my new boyfriend) fits the bill.

Alright, I’m gonna take you back in time for just a minute….I promise. A long time ago I used to be a huge clothing snob. The snobbiest of the snobs. I would only wear clothing from certain stores on my body. I would scoff at the thought of picking up something that didn’t come from said stores. These days when I think about that foolish little girl, I want to go back in time and give her the biggest eye roll ever (it’s kinda my specialty – I’ve been told it can pierce your soul.) There are clothing gems everywhere people, everywhere! Why am I sharing this story with you, you’re thinking? My flannel shirt – it’s from Sam’s Club, kids. My hat? From Cabela’s (yep, Redneck Nirvana.) Don’t put yourself in a box when it comes to clothing. Don’t limit yourself. Great clothing doesn’t have to be bank breaking.  It doesn’t have to be an “investment piece” to end up that go-to item in your closet. Some of my greatest clothing finds have been picked up in thrift stores, wholesale clubs and from online auctions. Be creative!

I know, maybe to you there’s not a lot that’s groundbreaking about a lil’ ol flannel shirt. But if I wouldn’t have decided to peruse the Sam’s Club clothing tables, I would have missed out on one of my favorite fall purchases of the year. I also wouldn’t have scored the major points I did get with the hubby by picking him one up too! Now he and I can be twinsies and take our relationship to a whole new level just like they do in South Korea! (please tell me you’ve seen this!)

Jacket: Madewell
Flannel Shirt (similar – men’s fit) (similar – women’s fit): Eddie Bauer
Jeans (similar): 7 for All Mankind
Boots (similar here): Stuart Weitzman (Best Tradesy Find!)
Hat (similar here): Cabelas


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