Boho Fall (otherwise known as my husband hates my wardrobe)






Let’s tackle the boho fall part of this post first before we dig into the “husband hates my wardrobe” piece…sound fair? OK so per this previous post, you know I’m a fan of the long-sleeved dress. Give me a maxi, give me a mini….I don’t care. Give me long sleeves….3/4 sleeves even, and I’m good to go. Toss on a faux fur vest, boots and a hat…and well….I’ve got myself the perfect outfit. If I could walk the line between the 60s and 70s fashion for the rest of my life, I’d be a happy girl. Mary-Kate Olsen in her bag lady stage? My hero.

So what does a closet full of maxi dresses, fur vests, super wide leg jeans and floppy hats mean to my husband? Pure and utter hatred.  I can sense the embarrassment when the wide leg bells are flopping all around as we walk out in public. I catch the “side-eye”every once and a while when I sport some fur. Oh and then there’s the honest declaration, always with a chuckle “Are you seriously wearing that?” Why yes my love, yes I am.

I’ve always been an individual when it comes to clothing. In the early years, my mom would send me to elementary school with a pair of pants for gym day because I would only wear dresses and tights. At a former corporate job, my performance review would usually mention a lovely little note about my lack of suit wearing. (You’d be blacklisted if you were seen without your suit jacket….just even walking to the bathroom!) I wouldn’t be lying if I told you one of the reasons I’ve chosen my current work life was to have a bit more creative freedom in my clothing. Sure, you still get the suits. But I’m able to be seen for my work ethic and not for the clothing on my body. That too makes me a happy girl.

So wear what you want ladies and gents, even if the love of your life throws some serious side eye shade your way. Stay tuned for later when I tell you what my love thinks of my ever growing sequined clothing collection. 😉

Vest (similar here):H&M
Dress: F21
Boots (similar here): Old J Simpson
Hat (similar here): Macys


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