On Trend: Quilted


This isn’t your grandma’s quilt. This is quilt chic, and it’s popping up everywhere. You take a basic item. You add some quilting details. BOOM. You get a whole new look for your fall wardrobe that can still pair with everything else in your closet. If you’re normally trend shy, not wanting to pick up items that will be in and out quickly, items with subtle details make better trendy purchases. A black midi skirt is timeless, even with some detailing.

I can attest to the first three items. You would never know the skirt is from Forever 21. When I wear it to work, I feel like I’m wearing sweats. It’s that comfy and snuggly. The booties are the perfect height, and the subtle quilt pattern takes your basic black boot and jazzes it up a notch. And the Joggers…I purchased them on a whim because I’m not a big pants person. I was worried the extra detailing on the pants would make large thighs look even larger. But somehow it works…it works well. And I’d love to add the sweatshirt to my closet. I can see it being a layering staple this fall and winter. And great news for today – Banana Republic has 35% off everything! So it’s a good day to pull the trigger. Pick one up for dear old granny even. Quilt chic just isn’t for the young.

My Quilted Picks

The Midi Skirt
The Black Bootie
The Joggers
The Sweatshirt

Shop even more of my favorite quilted looks below. Banana Republic has gone pretty crazy for quilt, and I love it all!

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