Black and Blue

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We’ve been having some unbelievable fall weather in Virginia lately. Of course as I write this it’s going to be 80 today, but in a few days we’re looking at wind chills in the high 20s! So I’m allowed. You know what else I’m allowed to do?  Mix blacks and blues of any hue. And so are you. It’s my favorite go-to combination lately, and I especially like the combo paired with one of my favorite fall purchases ever. Since I’m now managing my spending money for the year, allotting a bit more towards quality items, the most recent Shopbop Friends and Family sale was the perfect time to invest in the little leather biker jacket. Madewell was correct in naming it the “Perfect Leather Jacket”. It truly is. It’s a great layering piece, and I love how it hits at my waist, giving definition to loose fitting button downs like this one. The other thing I love about it? The zippers and buttons are all black – no silver or gold detailing that I tend to really dislike paired with leather.

On another note, this is the shortest I’ve had my hair in a really, really long time. And I’m almost wishing we would have taken it a teeny bit shorter.  I know, who am I and what have I done with the “longer the hair the better” Jenn?  She’s starts to get really lazy when the leaves turn, hair washing and styling included.  I’m open to a sugar daddy (or momma, I won’t discriminate) that would like to fund my weekly blowout fund (Please remove your mind from the gutter – I’m talking my hair, thank you very much).

You can shop some of my favorite leather jackets and plaid/flannel shirts below. When their powers combine, they make the perfect fall duo.

Jacket : Madewell
Plaid Shirt (similar here): AE
Denim (similar here): Gap
Booties (similar here) : F21
Bag (similar here): Super Old BCBG
Necklace (similar here): Shashi


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