Monday Musings: I No Longer

meryl_streep_i_no_longerI came across this quote on my Facebook this past weekend.  It was sandwiched in between pre-Halloween photo ops, fall family outings and posts about being two months away from Christmas! Yeah, I can’t believe it either. The Great Pumpkin hasn’t even been on yet! (this Thursday, 8PM…not that I’m waiting for it or anything.) While Ms. Meryl didn’t author these words herself (the credit belongs to José Micard Teixeira, an up and coming Portuguese Author), I can imagine Meryl who I see as a powerful, confident woman agreeing.

I’ve always thought this kind of thinking lent itself to the old, gray and crochety. You know the “One day I’ll be old and can say and do whatever I want to because I’ve earned it!” sorta thing where you shake your cane at everyone younger than you as you hobble down the street. Well friends, I’ve decided to start the cane shaking years early here at 33.  I’ve spent way, way too much of my life dealing with those that manipulate, those that are not loyal friends and/or family, those that take what they need and leave you broken hearted and exhausted in the process.

This weekend it all really hit home for me. I feel you José. I feel you with each and every word. And I know I’m not alone. We all at one point or another paint on the fake smile and offer the fake words of praise, too afraid to be honest with ourselves and with others. While it might feel OK to do at the time, it always comes at our expense in the end. It’s not worth it. So if it’s not worth it, I’m not doing it anymore. Any of it. I’m dunzo. I practiced on Sunday as I was out for a hike with my husband and our pups. The leaves were gorgeous, the weather was perfect, the company was top notch. These are the moments that matter. These are the moments, the people, the loved ones I want in my life.

I. No. Longer. Powerful words from someone tired of dealing with people’s shit.

If you need a little more bad-assness on this Monday, your morning reads below!

Bite This. Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Kitchen is one of my favorite cooking shows. I love her style which ranges from pin-up to crop tops to all over mesh in any given episode. Her newest show Bite This doesn’t disappoint either. Neither did this article on her blog. I feel you on the “Reply All”.

Make It Bold.  There’s nothing more bad-ass in the fall then rocking that bold lip color. While it’s not for everyone, I’m telling you, you can wear it. Here’s how.

Over It. The knee that is. And it’s the only way to wear boots this fall and winter as far as I’m concerned. One of my favorite writers on the web, Victoria McGinley, breaks down the best OTK boots for every budget.

Keep Calm and Beyonce.  A Beyonce for Topshop collaboration is coming next fall.  I’m fully expecting this ensemble to be part of it.  Best yoga pants ever.

W.W.A.K.D.  Are you watching the newest hit from Ms. Shonda Rhimes, How to Get Away With Murder? If you aren’t, let me highly suggest you set the DVR from now on and catch up! I’m adding What Would Annalise Keating Do to my daily mantra.

Have a happy Monday, Wildcats! (a la Ms. Nadia G!)

 image via Design Ardour


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