(French) Classics: Bensimon Sneakers



bensimon-sneakers-jenn-inspiredThe Bensimon sneakers, in my mind, are the girly alternative to Chuck Taylors. And by saying that I mean I’m not cool enough for Chucks. I picked up my first pair of Bensimons a few years ago at Madewell, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Each time I slip them on, I do feel a little bit French – effortlessly cool and chic. At least that’s what I expect to be witness to in one week’s time – beautiful French women walking around in your basic wardrobe staples looking one million times cooler than you and me will ever be. Unless you pick up a pair of these super chic shit kickers. Because then you’ll be almost as cool as the French. Well…maybe.

Anyhoo, these puppies are oh so versatile. I toss them on with my denim boyfriend shorts, summer sundresses and ankle jeans in the summer. They wear very well. You can throw them in the washer and dryer with ease, and they come out looking brand-spankin’ new. If you’re walking long distances, I’d personally recommend you toss in a comfort insole. And yes you didn’t ask, but I am 80 years old. My feet hurt sometimes, ok? And I’m past the point of walking around for long periods of time in shoes that kill my feet. It makes me crabby. And the last thing I want to be is crabby while walking around the most romantic city ever. So I’ll be sporting my Bensimons next week with super comfy insoles. Shhh….please don’t tell those beautiful French women I’m cheating!


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