Monday Musings: Paris Is Always a Good Idea

paris-is-always-a-good-ideaI can’t believe it. The realization that the hubs and I are about one week away from our two week trip to France finally hit hard this weekend. OMG. France. Paris. Wine. Wine. Wine. OMG!!! I definitely have some nervous, anxious and excited jitters going on. I’ve picked up some of this in the hopes that for once in my life I can sleep on a plane. I’m not counting on it working but fingers crossed. Maybe my super awesome eye mask will have me sawing logs in no time. After copious amounts of the bubbly, of course! And I’m packing light for the first time ever, I’m serious! I’m going to be the queen of mixing and matching basics. I may not even toss in a pair of heels…oh hell, who am I kidding. Just one pair. One. Pair. I have all of these ideas in my head on what Paris and the French countryside will be like. I’m sure I’ve built it up to be much more glamorous in my mind, as I tend to do with things. But I vow to love it no matter what. It will be a different trip for us, playing “fast and loose” as the husband calls it. Meaning, nothing is set. Nothing is planned. This is my kind of vacation…but not really his. Is it bad I’m a little excited to see him have to relax and be flexible?! Oh the horror!

You can follow along via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We touch down next Thursday morning! I promise I won’t rub in all the wine drinking, cheese munching and picture perfect scenery too much! I’ve been asked to limit my phone use, and I’m perfectly happy to oblige. Actually sitting across from one another and talking to each other without phones in hand could be awfully romantic…or awful…no, awfully romantic!! Let’s go with that!

I know you aren’t going along with me (enter sadface), but the below links will put you in the mood for love and all things glamorous. Just like Paris will be. Definitely.

This is Glamorous. This is my very favorite blog in the entire world. I stumbled across it more than a few years back, and I can never ever get enough. If you are ever in need of inspiration or even just something lovely to look at, this blog is a masterpiece.

The Stars Align. A little lesser known fact about me – I’m somewhat of an astrology buff. I don’t plan my day-to-day events around the locations of this or that planet. But it’s fun, and I think there’s a little something to it. Call me crazy. Call me a quack. You won’t hurt my feelings. You won’t be the first.  These ladies are two of my favorites. I especially enjoy their love horoscopes. And Wendell, the Love Dachshund.

Kissy, Kissy. The very best places to get your kissy face on in Paris. Oui, oui!

True Love Always Conquers.These two are back together. All is right again in the world. I heart Dlisted.

Velvety Smooth: As of late, I’m finding myself turning into a huge perfume junkie. I’ve always had a signature sent for each season, but I’m feeling wild and crazy lately, wanting to mix it up practically everyday. I gravitate toward musky, woody, spicy scents. I may or may not be wearing a sample of Light Blue Pour Homme today…yeah not the women’s version. And I’m loving it. I’m also loving this twist on Tom Ford’s Black Orchid. Just as lovely as the Black but a bit more wearable for everyday. Still a “stop you in mid-walk, what are you wearing” type of scent. Yum.

 image via the bellaprintshop

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