How To: Order Wine





Wine. Yum.

I could end the post right there, but I won’t since it took some serious skillz to create the above diagram for you. Lucky for me (and you!) my day job has turned me into somewhat of a powerpoint expert with a sprinkle of photoshop on top. Good times. So yes, wine. We love to drink wine, right? My college bestie and I are known as the “one more bottle” girls (or OMBGs if you prefer) because we always need just one. more. bottle. Makes perfect sense, right? Most of those around us are usually quite certain another bottle is NOT what we need and it just means loads of trouble, which is pretty much the case each and every time. A little extra glass (or bottle) of wine never hurt no body. Don’t be jealous. We just wear our big girl pants when we drink. Suckas!

Alright so we already know drinking wine equals much happiness. But the ordering of the wine…sometimes the ordering process can be a bit intimidating. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a beau that is a walking wine atlas (don’t hate because my hubby is a wine snob). But maybe you’re not. And maybe without your living and breathing snobby wine atlas around, you get a little uncertain when you’re handed this gigantic book of vinos from around the world. Just. Don’t. Panic. You can do it! Take it step by step and narrow the list down based on food preference, table preference, glass vs. bottle preference and price preference. Once you hit those basics, it makes the ordering process less scary. And you’ll probably end up with something you’ll enjoy instead of gulping it down because well, you paid so much for it. When all else fails and the list gets the better of you, ask for a recommendation. Most in-house sommeliers are chomping at the bit to provide you insight into their favorite wines. Just keep in mind, if you end up being a “one more bottle” girl or guy yourself that evening, save your pennies and go for the cheap. You don’t want to throw down some serious coin for a delicious wine you won’t remember in the morning. Trust me, I’m a tried and true OMBG. The only thing you’ll be “remembering” when the sun rises is why multiple, bass drumming rabbits are running through your head. Yep, It’s the one. more. bottle curse. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

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