The Hunt for the Perfect Blonde


the-perfect-blonde-jenn-inspiredHello I’m Jenn, and I’m obsessed with blondes. I’m an addict, a junkie, a fanatic. And lately, I can’t be blonde enough. This love affair with the fair-haired started at a very early age. Barbie, Madison from Splash, Madonna and Keri Russell aka Chloe from Malibu Shores (before her Felicity days). All some of my very favorite blonde idols. Don’t worry brunettes and reds, there’s a special place in my heart for you too. I even tried out the red hot, redhead locks for a while. But for me, it always comes back to being blonde.

I’ve been every shade under the sun since the late 90’s – strawberry, golden, platinum, yellow, orangey (not by choice), surfer chick, dirty. You name it. And my hair was the perfect shade of blonde on my wedding day, which I guess if you can have the perfect blonde on any one day of your life, your wedding day is the best day you could ask for. It was mesmerizing perfection, and I miss it so. #firstworldhairproblems

I’m going through the process now of returning to those lovely, platinum locks and it’s been nothing but one failed dye job after another of the brassy door knob variety rather than bleachy blonde beautiful. My ass is getting tired of salon chair hopping, and I’m sure each stylist is getting tired of seeing the disappointed look on my face once the last lock is dried. Truth – you don’t even need to read my face to know what I’m feeling. It radiates off of me, off of every inch. I make a horrible poker player.

It’s a long and arduous process, this never ending search for the perfect blonde. Blondies, do you feel me? It shouldn’t be this difficult, am I right?



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