Classics: The Long Trench



This past weekend I finally watched one of the most touted about 80’s movies – St. Elmo’s Fire. This isn’t a review on the movie, but I will tell you it didn’t change how I feel about the movies, most music and clothes from that time. Not. A. Fan. However there was one element to this movie that kept me watching, albeit with some mocking side commentary – the long trench. I’ve had my eye one of these longer trench coats for a while, and now that want has turned into a definite need. There’s something so effortless about the coat. And it has this chic, cool factor to it. It would also come in handy for those lazy days where you just don’t feel like trying. No one would even take notice you pulled your clothes back out of your laundry basket to throw on. They would be too in love with your coat. If a long trench is your thing, you can shop some of my favorites below.


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