Monday Musings: All or Nothing

monday-musings-all-in-or-get-out Happy Monday all! Did you have a great weekend? It was busy, busy, busy over here. After a Sunday full of errands and hours spent in the kitchen and picking up the homestead, it actually hurt to sit down Sunday evening. This week proves to be even busier as I’m playing hostess to a group coming in from all over the Globe. You can say I brought a bit of the weekend stress on myself, but as the quote above indicates, I’m an all or nothing kind of person. I’m either all in or all out. I wouldn’t say it’s the best way to be, but it’s hard to eradicate deep, seeded perfectionist issues. Going into the kitchen to make breakfast for the group ended with me whipping up three kinds of cookies, one breakfast casserole, some lemon-blueberry breakfast bread and a crockpot dinner ready to go for tonight. Yep, I don’t know how to half-ass anything. I’m working on it!

If you’re feeling a little all or nothing yourself this Monday morning, the below links make for good reading with your second cup of coffee. See I already know. It’s a multiple cups kinda Monday.

Saved By the Kitchen: One of my oldest girl crushes, Tiffani Thiessen, has a Cooking Channel special, and I hope it turns into an actual series. She is just adorable. Oh and P.S., she has perfectionist issues too! DVR it if you can catch it.

Shop Till You Drop: You still have plenty of time to throw all of your pennies towards the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I won’t be shopping this year, but I’m taking notes for next July. However if I was I’d be picking up this, this and these!

Can You Say Uncomfortable: While I was in the kitchen yesterday, I overheard my husband practically rolling on the floor, unable to catch his breath from laughing. You want to talk about all or nothing? How about Dating Naked. Leave it to VH1 to take reality, dating shows to the next level. Sidenote: The chick’s name was Wee Wee. Second Sidenote: VH1 is still on?

Maximize It: The Glitter Guide rounded up the best maxi dresses for the summer at all price points. Take it to the max with both comfort and style.

The Zero Cookie: These cookies are everything and made with practically nothing! You can whip the salted caramel goodness up with only five ingredients. No sugar needed. The perfect all or nothing dessert.





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