Comfy Shoe







My husband and I have this thing when life starts to become routine and comfortable, when you begin to “expect” the other person to always do what they normally do. It’s easy to fall into, this predictability.  We call it the “Comfy Shoe”. Not always the best thing for a relationship. I mean I don’t want to be an old, worn comfy shoe on most days…do you? On some days I want to be this little number.

But you know when I do want this Comfy Shoe, this predictability? In the summertime when I want throwing on clothes to be as easy, breezy as possible. That’s where this Target high-low maxi comes into play. I picked it up last year and kick myself every day I didn’t buy multiples. I throw it on twice a week. It’s so worn in and faded from washing, and you can probably tell that from some of the photos. Oh well…this is real life, remember? For me this dress is the summer, yoga pant equivalent. In fact I’m sure I’ll be tossing it on Saturday morning for running errands.

What I’m Wearing:

Dress (similar here): Target
Buttondown (similar here): J.Crew
Hat (similar here): Urban Outfitters
Flats (similar here): Target
Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Bracelets: Made With Love
Bag: Kelly Moore

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