An Anthropologie Summer



After Monday, I’m sure you are so over me talking about birthdays. But I’m gonna do it one more time, and I promise you will thank me. I failed to mention another birthday perk that I try to take advantage of every year –  The Anthropologie Birthday Discount.For me, receiving the 15% off reward is Christmas in July…for my birthday. You get what I’m trying to say. It’s awesome!

Yesterday my local store held a Birthday Celebration with all of the July birthday girls, and since day duty called, I wasn’t able to attend. Sips and snacks paired with girlfriends and streamers and party hats. Super sad face. And since we leave for France in about one month, the pennies I’ve saved for my yearly, summertime Anthro haul are being redirected into the Paris fund. But that’s ok. I mean, it’s Paris!

If I could have made it rain, no wait…. monsoon in Anthropologie yesterday, these lovelies would have been my top picks. I mean, that romper! Have you ever seen anything so stunning?

My Anthropologie Picks

The Caye Scalloped Dress
The Cartography Buttondown
The Draped Silk Jumpsuit
The Constanza Eyelet Slip

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