Thank Heaven for 7-11










Birthdays are a big deal for me. Huge, actually. Expectations are set on an astronomical level. I can’t help it; I just love birthdays. Growing up my birthday week kicked off with July 4th fireworks and ended with a bang on July 11th with a party, a Pechin’s birthday cake and me dressed up in a pretty new birthday suit. I mean, if you can’t spoil yourself on your natal day, when can you?

When I came across these pretty little numbers, I knew the crop top/floofy skirt combo would be perfect for my birthday dinner.Yes ladies, you can pull of the crop top. With the high waisted skirt fitting snug around your waist, there’s barely a sliver of skin showing at all times. But that little hint of skin…it’s enough to drive your gentleman friend a little wild…trust me. And it held up well through a couple of beers, delicious pizza and a vanilla cone topped off with rainbow sprinkles. #birthdaycaloriesdontcount. Am I right?

Oh yeah, and things might look a little different around here. I wasn’t gonna make a big deal about it. But, ta-da! As much as I loved Happily Ever After the Wedding, I had outgrown it for quite some time. And I really wanted to be all cool and be able to abbreviate my blog title like the big kids. HEATW doesn’t really have a nice ring to it. I still love my weddings, but I hadn’t been motivated for a long time to write. And I love to write. So here’s to new beginnings and finally being inspired.

What I’m Wearing

Crop Top/Skirt Combo: JOA
Nude Heels (similar here): Zara
Necklace (similar here): Prima Donna
Mermaid Ring: Mars & Valentine
Crab Bag (The Perfect Cancer girl accessory)(similar here): Old Loft Outlet
Red Lips: Mac “Ruby Woo”

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