What to Wear: Fabulous Flats

fabulous-flat-shoes Confession: I’ve never been a fan of flats….ever. I think it stems from my obsession with my mom’s heels at an early age (there are tons of pictures to prove it) where I’d clomp around the house in her prettiest pairs. At barely 5’2″, she could wear the highest of the high heels, and she did! At 5’9″, you’d think somewhere along the way before turning 32 I’d have a collection of both heels and flats in my closet. Not so much. Even in college I’d hike all over State College, PA in my heels – to class, to the bars, maybe once or twice to a football game even. I never said I was a practical person! Another reason I’m not in love with flats? It’s my pesky thighs again. Being tall is one thing. Being tall with heavier legs (thanks for the double whammy genetics) is another. I feel short and dumpy in flat shoes, I’m not going to lie. Heels make your legs look better, and when your legs need some assistance in looking better…well…heels win every time.

But with a two week trip to France coming up here in late August, I know being practical is going to be a necessity. And I get really, really crabby anymore when my feet hurt. So I decided to bite the bullet and start looking at my options for flats. While I initially wanted to go the pricer route, setting alerts up at Shopstyle for every beautiful Lanvin flat I could find (they are so lovely), I decided to hold out and go the less expensive route to make sure I can actually be a flats kinda girl. Because I just don’t know if I can yet…

Any recommendations for comfy, chic flats at a reasonable price?



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  • elle [wonderfelle world]
    June 10, 2014 at 5:21 pm

    Buy the Lanvins. Seriously just bite the bullet. Farfetch has a bunch of styles 30-40% off still. Otherwise the Vera Wang Lavender “Lillian” flats are the best “dupe” I’ve found!