Recipes: Bavarian Cream Puffs

The hubby is obsessed with bavarian cream, which if you didn’t know is made by blending whipped cream with a rich yolks-only egg custard and chilling until mixture sets. I decided to surprise him with these cream puffs for his birthday last month because you know, a cake or cookies would just be way too easy ( just kidding!)  I had expected something far more laborious and intensive when deciding to tackle this recipe and was plesantly surprised when I nailed it! The puffs were airy and light. The cream was thick and full of flavor. And the strawberries and raspberries added a dash of sweetness to the overall dessert. It’s one of those desserts that won’t leave you feeling sick to your stomach afterwards but will definitely satisfy a sweet tooth. Just don’t forget the berries!

Karrie at Happy Money Saver breaks the recipe down better than I ever could. I followed it step by step. You can find it here.





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