My Style: Pretty Good at Drinkin’ Beer

Target jacket (similar), T by Alexander Wang t-shirt, Paige denim jeans (similar), Primma donna boots (in brown), similar in black

I remember my first beer in college like it was yesterday. Yep, I said college. Go right ahead and make the “L” shape on your forehead a la Clueless right now. It’s ok. Ready to continue? Have that out of your system? Good.  While most of my friends were making the ugliest faces possible, some doing their best not to spit it back out (I lived in the Science and Engineering Dorm. We had allll been sheltered little lambs growing up.), I was pleasantly surprised. Toss in activities built around beer like cases races, beer pong and the plethora of card games and well…I was hooked!

These days  my style has definitely evolved since college, and my beer tastes have too. While I’ll always have a soft spot for Natty Ice (my preferred college brew), the craft beer scene is where my heart lies now. And while most fashion bloggers are carrying the latest “IT” bag and clutch…two Saturdays ago my “handbag” of choice was a growler filled with a delicious brew from one of Northern Virginia’s best breweries – Corcoran Brewing Co. A new fashion statement, perhaps? If you want more deets on the brewery, a recap is posted over on my side blog, Food.Love.Vino. today. Check it out!

Oh yeah, outfit details. I got sidetracked there for a minute. The weather was rainy and gloomy so any chance of straightening the mop on top of my head was out the window. I let the curls be as loose as they could be and kinda dig the slight ombre look with them. These jeans were my first ever “big girl” denim purchase (Paige, of course), and I can’t tell you how happy I am to fit back into them. They are old and worn in perfectly, and I have yet to find a pair of jeans I like better. And if you’re ever on the lookout for the best tees that exist and have a little extra money to spend, I can’t live without my Alexander Wang t-shirts. Since I wear them so much, I can justify the price. They drape the female body perfectly and are cut low enough in the front to keep things interesting but never over expose.

My favorite thing about these pics? If you look closely in the background, you can see little yellow signs of spring! It’s about damn time.







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