What to Wear: Spring 2014’s Most Wanted

As usual when Spring rolls around, my wish list never stops expanding! After doing a huge closet purge last month, tossing about six bags worth of stuff into the donation pile (along with 40 pairs of shoes!!), I’m trying my best to balance adding more classic pieces to my wardrobe as well as a few of those gotta have its. I feel my Spring’s Most Wanted has a healthy mix of both.

1. White Midi Dress – Is anything more classic or Spring-like than the color white? It signifies new beginnings, wiping the slate clean – a blank canvas waiting to be written upon. Isn’t that what Spring is all about? Rebirth and the chance to start anew? Now take the color white and add in a midi dress…we have ourselves a wardrobe staple. And while my track record with wearing the color white most always ends in disaster, I still love it to pieces!

2. Made With Love Recycled Rubber Bracelets – These bracelets are not only a must-have for your wrist but they do double duty supporting both women and children in Africa. There are 18 bracelets in a set, and they come in multiple colors. You can normally find a mix of the ivory and turquoise on my wrist throughout the year. They aren’t made for bear paws however (I was told by my family doctor at age 8 that I would indeed have “bear paws” growing up…i.e. large and in charge hands and wrists…the things you remember!) So when I put them on my wrist, they stay there for months at a time and bascially become part of my arm.

3. Gold/Pink Rayban Aviator Sunglasses – I don’t know what it is about these pink and gold sunglasses, but I cannot get them out of my head! It took me a while to finally realize how to take very good care of expensive eyewear. I was the girl always setting my glasses down and forgetting them or accidently sitting on them and breaking them. And while I still love picking up some trendy, cheapy sunnies, I’ve found paying a little bit more for your sunglasses in classic styles is so worth it. I guess that’s why my heart flutters for these; they’re a classic style with a twist on the aviator look.

4. Zara Leather Wide Heel Sandal – I missed out on these beauties last year, waiting way too long to hit purchase in my shopping cart. I was oh so hopeful Zara would bring them back this Spring….and they did! When I talk about adding classic pieces to my wardrobe, these shoes are it. I tossed tons of sandals and heels that were trendy, impulse purchases that maybe saw the light of day once. When I buy something now, I want to make sure it gets worn…a lot! These shoes will go with anything and everything – skirts, dresses, boyfriend jeans…they are the perfect closet staple.

5. Urban Outfitters Sogno Bello Coin Necklace – Now you know I couldn’t have a spring wish list that was missing out on something with boho flair. It is, afterall, my signature style. I want to wear this necklace with my flowiest maxi dress, barefoot on the beach, curls out of control….sounds heavenly!

6. Madewell Paris Tee (On Sale!) – I’ve been trying to add more t-shirts to my wardrobe, easy items that you can throw on with a pair of jeans or shorts and go! Sometimes I don’t have the energy to plan out my outfit, and where I used to throw on my old, ratty high school t-shirts(they’re vintage now, right?, I’ve decided to keep those soley for workouts and step up my tee game.

7. Urban Outfitters Twist Band Panama Hat – So I don’t really need another spring hat, so this one falls into that gotta have it category. And I’ve really got. to. have it! It’s the perfect happy hour hat, the perfect maxi dress hat, the perfect anytime hat.

8. Rag and Bone Distressed Boyfriend Shorts – Shorts and I are not normally friends.  I’ve finally had to face the facts that I have my grandmother’s thighs. I can exercise and eat right till the cows come home; they only become larger and more muscular. That’s why for me, having a pair of denim shorts that fit well AND look nice is vital during the spring and summer. And I’m willing to pony up a bit more money for just that because  I know I won’t soon be adding another pair of shorts to my wardrobe. When I find something that works, I stick to it! I love the distressing on these.

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