My Style: Blue Crush

Target Sweatshirt, Lily White Faux Leather Track Pants (similar), Shop Prima Donna necklace and cuff, Nine West heels (similar)

This outfit is composed of things I really wanted to dislike…and at first I really, honestly did! Kind of like how I when asked what kind of music I enjoy, I’d always respond everything but country. Or when asked what my favorite veggies are, I’d always say please, no peas! Slowly but surely I warmed up to country, and I now actually do like those little green balls of salty bitterness. The same goes for this outfit. I admit, I was a hater.

At first glance, I was not impressed with Peter Pilotto for Target. My husband knows I tend to become excited about Target’s Designer collaborations, so he was shocked when I told him I wouldn’t be up early, rushing out in the dark to make sure I was able to try on and purchase what I wanted. But as the weeks went on, something changed. I don’t know if it was seeing some of the collection early through NY Fashion week posts or seeing this crop top and skirt combination in this photo that had me rethinking my snap decision. But I caved the morning the collection hit, and I’m oh so glad I did! In addition to that adorable crop top and skirt, I picked up this dress and the most cozy, comfy sweatshirt ever. It’s soft on the inside, and I like how it has more of a structured fit to it – it’s not sloppy or too oversized. And in keeping with my favorite hues from the Oscars this year, I am in love with the blue tones and the abstract print.

On to these pants. I wanted to hate, hate, HATE these faux leather track pants. I mean, who in their right mind wears faux leather track pants, right? But they stayed on my mind like Jared Leto’s beautiful ombre hair. You want to dislike it (because no man should have better hair then us ladies!), but you cannot get it out of your head. Being someone that isn’t the biggest fan of pants, I also knew in the back of my mind these would actually work on my figure. And I was right. The elastic band ensures a proper fit around my waist (read: no need for alterations), and I don’t have to worry about the pants being too tight in my thighs due to their looser fit. Oh yeah and don’t worry if thoughts of Jafar, Magic Carpet Rides and the move Aladdin comes to mind. My husband sweetly compared these pants to all of that and then some…men…they’ll never understand fashion!






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  • Gosia C.
    March 22, 2014 at 4:02 am

    Great pants end great look ;-).

      March 22, 2014 at 10:08 am

      Thanks so much Gosia!