Life Stuff: The Month Ahead|March

Growing up with a mom that taught first grade, the beginning of March was always fun for me. Would March come in like a lamb or a lion? Remember that saying? The weather would determine which art project her students would make. Would they construct the king of the jungle? Or would they be sticky messes using glue and cotton balls to create little lambs?

I’m almost certain tomorrow is going to roar in here just as a lion would, with lows of 19 degrees tonight and highs of 50 degrees tomorrow! Oh and how about that potential snowstorm of Sunday night into Monday? Definitely a lion. That pesky little groundhog knew what he was talking about.

I kind of like when March rolls in like a lion, to be honest. March isn’t the greatest month. It’s long. It’s sometimes colder than we’d like. It’s the month that stands between us and Spring! Warmer weather! Drinks outside! March can be a real ol’ buzzkill. And when it comes in like a lamb…well…it gives you permission to take it easy on yourself. It’s not confident or strong or fierce in any way.

So this March, I’m going to do things a bit differently, approach March just like a lion. It’s a great month for getting your butt moving if that New Year’s resolution of getting back into shape has long gone off the rails. You’ve got plenty of time to work on that bikini bod! I’m starting a yoga class tomorrow, something I’ve been wanting to do now for a while. I’ve talked the hubby into doing P90x3 with me, and after our first workout last evening, I think we’re really going to like it. Thirty minute workouts are doable. I’ve slacked for three years when it comes to taking care of myself physically. It’s that fat and happy stage they talk about after getting married! It’s real! It has been cozy, I can tell you that. And I’ve tried multiple times to get out of it. I just was never truly ready. Total lamb-like.

So will you be taking March by storm, reevaluating all that you want to accomplish this year and how you’ve progressed? It’s totally OK if you go lamb. I won’t judge. Just make sure you cuddle up in soft, warm blankets just for me with a pint of Salted Caramel Ice Cream in hand! It’s my favorite.

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