Couple Stuff: Richmond or Bust

jenn-cody-virginia-wine-veritasThe hubby and I are headed off for some much needed R&R….. and wine. Lots and lots of wine! We haven’t been away from “the devil’s butt crack” (so elegantly and truthfully coined by none other than Parks and Rec April Ludgate) since last June, and we’re way overdue for an escape.  The Virginia Wine Expo kicks off today with a weekend full of wine goodness, hopefully enough to drink the DC stress away for a few days. Pups will be in tow, and they may be more excited than I am to get out of the house.

We’ve only been to Richmond twice, both for NASCAR (aka people-ogling) races. Thoughts of the last visit send chills down my spine, and it might be why we don’t let Cody (an OCD planner by nature) fly by the seat of his pants and make decisions without his careful dedication to research anymore. The last visit involved two Henrico county rednecks (self-declared, so I can say it) that we met at a prior Richmond race, lots of beer, a tent in yard of said rednecks, and giant trucks full of even crazier rednecks screaming and beating on said tent in the middle of the night. You know, I’m all for spontaneity. I can’t stand being in a routine. But there are sometimes planning and common sense are necessary. It does make for a good laugh and a good story today. But practically s%&*$%& my pants on that summer evening….I’ll take a hotel any day.

While I’m guzzling down delicious Virginia wine this weekend, here are some links to keep you busy. And keep up with our wine-filled antics on Instagram!

1. The hubby and I are obsessed with those Buzzfeed quizzes. Our favorite is to take the quiz for the other person, sometimes doing a much better job than we do at taking our own. The best one yet – Which Decade Do You Belong In?  You better believe I was jumping for joy when the 60’s appeared for mine! The hubby got the 80’s which is fitting – him and his love of 80’s music and movies. I’ve never been a fan. Put me in the 60’s with CCR, Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones any day!

2. London Fashion Week wrapped up this week, and it looks like finally black is the new black come this fall! My favorite hair and makeup look came from Burberry, where it seems subtle color with shades of mulberry on the eyes and undone hair was a hit. Shades of mulberry and pink look great with any eye color but really do their thing when paired with green eyes. The undone hair tells me beanies and hat-head is back again for this coming fall, which is perfect when you just can’t really be bothered to grab that hairbrush. Hand slightly raising over this way…

3. If you haven’t finished House of Cards (or even started it – geeze, what is wrong with you!), you should probably get on that. And if you’re a geek like me, you’ll love reading about what it was like in the “Netflix War Room” when the series debuted.  Netflix knows who you are, you House of Cards super bingers!

4. Are you a Glitter Guide Fan? If you’re not, check it out and make sure you subscribe for the newsletter! It’s chock full of glitz and glam everyday, featuring everything and anything fashion, food, travel – you name it. I love their weekly “5 Things to Try This Weekend” Series. If you don’t have plans and need to get inspired, their articles do the job!

Happy Weekend!

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  • Rich Taylor
    February 21, 2014 at 7:39 pm

    Showing my age for sure . . . .but the 60’s, CCR, Dylan and the Stones rule!

      February 25, 2014 at 1:03 pm

      Rich, I agree!