Beauty Finds: Top 6 Eyeliners

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If I was ever stranded on a desert island, one of my must have items (in addition to Spotify and an endless supply of hummus) is eyeliner. I cannot be without it, no way….no how. Even the days I really try to go au naturale with my makeup, I always end up grabbing my favorite before I walk out the door. I just love the way eyeliner makes the eyes pop, whether you rim the upper and lower lash lines for a sultry look or you go all out with a winged-tip cat eye. And while I do have shades of brown, grey, and various colored liners, I always go back to basic black.

Top Pick: COVERGIRL Perfect Point Plus
This is the eyeliner I always find myself coming back to, no matter how much I spend at Sephora to try the newest and greatest thing. It’s cheap. It’s easy to apply. It’s long lasting. And when it comes to eyeliner, that’s really all you need for your everyday. I have at least 2-3 sticks in my purse at all times, in addition to what I keep in-stock in my makeup cabinet. It’s a hot commodity, usually out of stock whenever I need to pick more up. So I learned to buy this gem in bulk!

New Favorite: COVERGIRL Liquiline Blast
So when my above favorite was out of stock this last time, I hesitantly picked up the Liquiline Blast. Is it a worthy replacement of the Perfect Point? Not a chance! But it now has a special place of its own in my heart as thee perfect pencil for drawing that sexy, winged cat-eye.  Look, the cat-eye? It’s not easy. Like me you’ve probably pinned a million tutorials to your Pinterest Beauty board. You’ve stood in front of your mirror trying to make the “wings” even, ending up with black smudges all over your face, having to start over and over again before you just throw in the towel.  It takes a steady hand and exact precision, and this little stick makes achieving both of those pretty easy. It glides on. It smudges nicely. It has a rich, black color. And while it’s a bit more expensive than the Perfect Point, it’s still a great deal.

Best Duo: Julep Kajal Eye Glider
I received this eyeliner in my monthly Julep box (nail polish delivery – the best ever, friends!). I’m not a big sample person. I end up tossing most of them. One, I don’t have the room to store and two, I would rather spend my money on what I know works. I’ve just bought too many of those giant Sephora kits with multiple mascaras, eyeliners and lipsticks to where I end up tossing half of the stuff. But this eyeliner? This eyeliner was a welcome addition to my beauty arsenal! The colors are highly pigmented, and the liner glides on super smooth. I love that I have the option for either black or brown all in one. It’s blendable and perfect for those inner eye rims. It’s not waterproof so you might have to reapply on the rims from time to time. But that’s a small price to pay for a great eyeliner!

Best Smoky Eye Maker: LANCôME LE CRAYON KHÔL
If a smoky eye is your thing, this pencil is your new must have. It has a creamy smooth application. It smudges like a dream. You can go as light as you want on the application or keep applying for that defined and sultry look. It lines the upper and lower rims perfectly.

Best Gel Liner: Bobbi Brown Some claim the application of the gel liner is a lot easier than liquid. In my opinion, this type of liner requires more patience and precision. The rewards for your hard work are amazing, but getting it applied just right does take some practice. When I have the time to play and want those perfectly lined eyes, I go for this liner. You apply with a brush, and let me tell you, the kind of brush you use makes all the difference. It dries very fast. It stays in place throughout the day – no running or accidental smudging. It’s a dark black color that I love and does a pretty good job of staying on your inner eye water line. The only downside? It dries out in the pot very fast. If you buy it, make sure you use it quickly.

Best Felt Tip Liner: Hourglass Script
This eyeliner is easy to use. Period. And that’s one of the main reasons I love it! It goes on so easy, it’s almost like using your favorite ink pen or a marker. Part of my obsession probably has to do with the fact that my mother was an elementary school teacher, and I’ve been obsessed with pens, markers, crayons – you name it – for as long as I can remember. They had to have the right feel in my hand. They had to write in a certain way. Crazy? It’s quite possible! This liner dries immediately. Once it’s down on your eye, it’s staying! The pen is super fine, so you can start out light and keep applying for both intensity and line size. To me, this guy is the ultimate in precision lining. If you aren’t sure about gel or liquid, this is a good starting point!

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