My Style: Be My Valentine

The hubby usually whips up an amazing meal for Valentine’s Day, complete with appetizers,the main course, drinks and dessert. Truth be told, it’s a lot of work, especially because I’m usually not allowed to help. But this year we decided to do things a little bit different. We went wild, getting all dressed up and trying out a new restaurant, getting dessert when I already had treats waiting for us at home. Crazy, I tell ya! And honestly, we couldn’t wait to get home to finish a few more episodes of House of Cards! We were going to pace ourselves but ended up finishing it last evening.  Wow, I always figured how it ended is where things were heading but man…the ride to get there has been something else.

I had about ten minutes to get dressed so I threw on this ancient h&m dress, even older f21 sweater, and grabbed a few baubles as I raced out the door. I was actually pretty proud of my use of the curling iron, a tool that has been my worst enemy in the past. When you’ve got curly hair, you don’t always pick up the necessary skillzzz along the way when it comes to hair styling. At age 32, I think I’ve finally figured it out! Go me! If you want more info on those cherry pies and the dessert wine  Gabby is trying to glamor me into giving her, I blog with the hubby at Food. Love. Vino. Check it out!




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