Get Fit: Beat the Holiday Pudge


I wrote a post like this last year, mostly for my own personal motivation as my blog readership was pretty tiny. And I have to say, it helped put me in the right frame of mind for making sure I did “something” over the Holidays to get moving. It was a bit difficult as last year the hubby and I were in South Dakota. This left me without my basement gym and forced me to improvise and be creative, like lugging hand weights and Jillian Michaels across 9 states!  It’s not all that fun to bundle up and try to run in negative degree weather, trust me.

This year with my husband’s family in town, it’s going to be very busy. And it’s going to be even easier for me to make up excuses to not work out. I hear them in my head already, and being a big all or nothing person more often than I’d like, I’m already telling myself if I can’t get in both weights and cardio why bother at all?! That’s not the mindset for a Holiday workout. Get in what you can – just get yourself moving. And if you want to take the week off to indulge and enjoy the Holidays, do it. Just ensure you get yourself back on track as soon as possible afterwards. If you’re like me (and hopefully you aren’t), once the train slips off of the tracks just a tad, a full on derailment isn’t far behind!

Eating Tips:

– If you cannot control yourself in front of the cookies/sweets/Christmas dinner table, whatever your weakness during the Holidays may be, keep a food log. I know, it sounds like no fun. And it isn’t. But if you can’t hold yourself accountable and know one cookie will inevitably turn into 10, write it down. Make yourself see at the end of the day how many of those cake pops or chocolate crinkle cookies you inhaled. Sometimes actually seeing it on paper snaps your willpower back into place.  And like I said above, it’s OK if you do it. Recognize it, make sure you enjoy it, and move on from it. Bonus – pick yourself up a pretty workout log or download yourself an app on your phone to make tracking easier on you.

– Better yet if you know you have a major weakness during the Holidays and you want to keep your willpower in check, don’t even have it in your home. If you know you can’t have just one, don’t even start. Something I do on a daily basis and even more so during the Holidays is self-talk. Call me crazy, but sometimes I have to talk myself off of the food ledge. I do it when I come home from work – “Don’t stress eat”. “Just go change into your gym clothes.” “Don’t go into the kitchen”. It doesn’t always work, but more often than not if I start the “talk” before I get into the door, I’m successful. Try it at the cookie table.  “I’ll only have one cookie and really savor how delicious it is”.

Workout Tips:

– Download yourself a sick playlist of new tunes or Christmas tunes to keep you motivated. I am in awe of people that can workout without music. I can’t; I end up lost in my own thoughts and talk myself out of trying harder. But with music that has a driving beat to it, I always find myself pushing the workouts a little bit more and a little bit longer.

– Pick up a new workout outfit! I know….we are to be buying for others, but if something new and cute gets your heart pumping, do it! Now’s the time to pick something up as sales are everywhere! Splurge on a new top, sports bra and pants from Carbon 38 or save some cash and pick up a top, bra and pants from Old Navy.

– Plan ahead. Figure out what you are going to do NOW! Don’t wait until you are lying in bed that morning, probably walking through everything you have to do and deciding you just don’t have the time to workout.  My Pinterest board has tons of quick, high intensity workouts you can do – no equipment needed. This is my favorite one from If you aren’t sure of the moves, check out her site! She has photos, videos, and walk-thrus of the exercises. It’s only 18 minutes. You can do it!

Do you have your workout already planned for the Holidays? Do share! We can all benefit from trying something new and different to keep us motivated!

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  • elle [wonderfelle world]
    December 17, 2013 at 10:30 am

    I really needed this! I could blame the holidays but really as soon as it gets cold I want to do nothing but sit under a blanket on the couch and eat cookies/drink wine when I get home. I’ve used my fitness pal in the past and really found it useful but need to get back on the workout wagon asap!

      December 19, 2013 at 7:19 am

      Haha I know! I’ve been pleading with my husband to not open the wine until after my workout is done! It doesn’t always happen though. If you do get a puppy, then you’ll also have that as an excuse too. When they curl up on your lap all snuggly and warm…yeah no workout is happening then! Good luck!