Gift Guide: White Elephant

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Headed to a White Elephant gift exchange? Sometimes it’s tough to find a gift that is both silly yet semi-functional. We always play it a little bit safe with an Ommegang Ale Set. Truth be told, my husband always tries to win it back! And after scoring my sweet fondue set last year, it’s his turn to pick the gift this year. I guarantee he’s gunning for the beer!

1.Mini Puppy Calendar:
The perfect amount of cuteness for a desk or kitchen counter. ModCloth had a Frenchie one a few years back, and I still like to display it since the different months look exactly like my Miss K.

2. The Book of Baby Sloths:
Ok guys, this little book of Sloth takes adorableness to an entirely new level! You know you want to see that cute baby sloth hugging its teddy bear!

3. Mustache Drink Markers:
I don’t think I need to add much more here. Mustaches. Drink Markers. Let the silliness ensue.

4. Knock Knock Stuff Honest Acronym Sticky Notes:
I love knock knock stuff, even featuring my favorites on the blog last year. Really anything on the site is perfect for stocking stuffers and white elephant gifting. I like this set as it showcases the best sticky notes around.

5. Mrs. Lilien’s Cocktail Swatchbook:
I know, I just featured this in the hostess with the mostess gift guide. I’m telling you all, it deserves to be in every gift guide. It’s. That. Good.

6. Ron Swanson Bobble Head:
The only thing that could make this gift even better is if it quoted the Great Swanson himself.

7. Sharkbite Survival Kit:
Spice up your gifting with the 6 bottle hot sauce set. Encourage the winner to do a taste testing.

8. Fraggle Rock Glasses Set:
80’s throw back time! I will admit, Red was my favorite Fraggle. Drink your cares away!


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